Top Outdoor Tanning Tips

Top Outdoor Tanning Tips

Tanning outdoors can be an extremely relaxing pastime and many people love the way that their skin looks when it has been tanned a golden bronze. It is also the ideal way in which to get in some Vitamin D which has various health benefits. The problem, however, is that while being in the sun … Read more

Indoor Tan Lotion Reviews

Indoor Tanning Lotion Reviews

Most people live a busy lifestyle and do not have time to bask in the outdoor sun for hours on end to get the perfect tan. This is why sunbeds and indoor tanning have become the way of the future for many avid tanners. When it comes to indoor tanning, it doesn’t matter what type … Read more

Reviews of the Best Tanning Oils

The Best Tanning Oils

When it comes to achieving the perfect tan there are often many questions about what tanning oil products are the best ones to use. With so many kinds of tanning oils to choose from, how do you know which one would most suit your skin type as well as what ingredients it is made with? … Read more

Tanning Pills – Recommendations

Tanning Pills

Unfortunately, there are no pills or tablets in the beauty industry that will turn you into a bathing suit model. There are, however, pills that can help contribute to weight loss, healthy living, and even obtaining a tan. As with weight loss pills and other medications that can help you to lose weight or regulate … Read more

Rashes from Tanning Bed – Causes and Treatment

Rashes from Tanning Bed - Causes and Treatment

There are many mixed emotions when it comes to tanning beds. Some people swear by them and use them regularly to keep up their tanning regime while others say that a tanning bed is dangerous and can cause skin cancer. Despite these opinions, the facts are that tanning beds can do an amazing job if … Read more