Nude Tanning Pros and Cons

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Nobody wants to have visible tan lines all over their body after a tanning session, especially if they have spent lots of money trying and achieving the perfect tan.

So, what is the answer to this dilemma?

The answer to the question is nude tanning.

This is one of the best ways to achieve an even tan without those troublesome tan lines.

Oh, and boost your Vitamin D levels too.

Of course, everybody is different, and the choice to tan nude or not will vary from person to person.

Nude tanning is, however, one of the easiest ways to achieve the best results.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of nude tanning and how to best protect your skin when tanning in your birthday suit!

Is It A Good Idea to Tan Nude?

Nude Tanning Pros and Cons

Tanning in the nude is one of the best ways to get an even tan, but you need to be super careful when deciding to expose certain parts of your body to UV rays.

This is especially true if these areas have not been exposed to these rays before.

Getting a good even tan on your legs can be tricky, but we’ve got you covered with some good practical tips.

Try to ease into the process of nude tanning with caution.

The ideal way is to cover up the parts of your body that are not used to UV exposure with a bathing suit or underwear and progressively expose these areas for more extended periods at a time.

For example, if you want to start tanning in the nude, then attempt to only remove your clothing for the last 5 minutes of your first tanning session.

When you begin your next tanning bed session, take off your underwear or costume 10 minutes before finishing your session.

This gives your vulnerable areas time to slowly learn how to build up melanin production and prevent your skin from burning.

Why is Nude Tanning Sometimes Better?

There are many reasons why people prefer nude tanning.

Besides the fact that it is the best way to get an even tan, various other factors can make nude tanning the best way to get the perfect golden-brown glow all over your entire body.

1. Comfort

Let’s be honest, it is always more comfortable to be in the nude than in clothing. The same applies to tanning in the nude!

2. Sweating and Allergic Reactions

Wearing clothes while being exposed to UV rays can cause the body to sweat, especially if you are sitting in the sun.

When wearing clothes, sweat accumulates and can cause a heat rash or even an allergic reaction to the skin.

To avoid these problems, just go nude!

3. No Tan Lines

If you are a seasoned pro at tanning, you know that tan lines are the absolute worst!

Tan lines are often caused by wearing clothing or UV light deprivation in the places where the skin can sometimes overlap.

Once you get those horrible tanning lines, it is not easy to remove them.

This can be avoided when you tan in the nude and continuously position yourself in different ways to get UV coverage all over the body.

Knowing the best positions for tanning will really help you.

The Cons of Nude Tanning

1. You Can’t Do It Anywhere You Want

You cannot simply take your clothes off at a public pool and start tanning in the nude.

Nude tanning is a private affair, and there are not many places that allow this to happen outside unless you are in the privacy of your own backyard or a nudist beach.

Sometimes the sun may be too harsh for nude tanning, so a tanning bed can also be a good option.

2. Sunburn

There’s a greater risk of being sunburnt on your body’s sensitive areas, such as the breasts and around the genitals.

This can easily happen because of the UV rays penetrating your skin parts that are not used to it.

This will cause these areas to burn quickly and lead to painful sunburn.

3. Sensitive Areas and Safety

Avoid exposing sensitive areas of your skin to any UV rays for long periods.

Unfortunately, over and above the pain of sunburn, taking too much advantage of UV rays, especially on sensitive areas such as the nipples, can be one of the biggest causes of skin cancer in people with more sensitive skin types.

Always practice safety first and start off slowly.

Types of Nude Tanning

pros and cons of sunbathing naked

Nude Tanning on A Sunbed

A sunbed is the most effective way in which to practice nude tanning indoors.

This is because it is done under supervision with the help of specialists and is also timed.

Most sunbeds have a timer that goes off after approximately 20 minutes.

This will avoid extended UV exposure and give just enough time to create an effective tan.

The Advantages of a Tanning Bed

There is a reason why many people who want a tanned body tend to pursue their tanning journey on a sunbed.

Here are the reasons why:

  • Sessions are calculated so that you don’t overdo it and get sunburned.
  • These tanning sessions can be scheduled for anytime that is convenient for you, rain or shine!
  • There is a significantly lower risk of severe sunburn.
  • Private and secluded for those who do not want to be seen tanning in the nude.
  • You can speak to an expert at your tanning salon who can advise you on what would be best for your skin type. They can also advise you as to what products you can use to enhance your tanning sessions.
  • Most private sunbed rooms are equipped with aircon units and fans to not sweat as much as you would outside in the sun.

Tanning Nude Outdoors in the Sun

As an alternative to a tanning booth, the best places to tan naked would be in the privacy of your own garden or pool area.

There are also several nudist beaches that you can go to, depending on how bashful you are.

Remember, you will not be the only naked person sunbathing topless on these beaches!

No matter what way you choose to tan nude, it is always important not to overdo it and to wear light sunscreen over your entire body.

Bear in mind that you can even burn in slightly cloudier and cooler weather and still become sunburnt if the UV rays are strong enough.

The benefits of nude tanning outdoors:

  • You don’t have to pay a cent! Just lie in the sun and achieve the perfect tan for free!
  • There are no artificial UV rays on your skin like you would have on a sunbed. Outdoor tanning is all-natural.
  • You can take advantage of the outdoors and the fresh air.
  • If you are nude tanning on the beach, you also get to experience the sea, sand, and fresh air besides natural sunlight.

The Cons of Naked Tanning Outdoors:

  • Finding the right spot to tan can be difficult, especially when on a busy beach or at home with your animals jumping all over you.
  • You have to keep an eye on the time when tanning outdoors. Also, take into account that just because the wind may be blowing and you do not feel hot, UV rays are still beating down on your skin. Try to set a timer so that you do not spend too long out in the sun at one time.
  • There is no aircon to keep you cool. You will finish your session feeling very hot and sticky.

Nude Spray Tanning

Although this is absolutely the safest way to tan as it does not involve UV rays, it can sometimes go a little bit amiss and turn your skin into many funny orange colors.

If you go to a reputable salon with superior quality types of spray tan products, you will get a fantastic outcome.

If you want a professional-looking tan, then you are going to pay for it!

Remember also that if you are a shy person, it is essential to bear in mind that you will have to get naked in front of the professional administering your tan if you chose to get a nude spray tan.

How to Be Safe When Nude Tanning

As we have established, tanning with no clothes is a beautiful way to get a full-body tan with no tan lines.

You should make sure that you are using the correct protective measures so that the process can go as smoothly as possible without getting sunburnt or damaging any vulnerable and sensitive skin on your body.

Important Tips to Remember

– Always consult with a tanning specialist when using the sunbed.

– Always used protective eyewear or goggles whether you are outdoors or indoor tanning.

– Take it slowly. Do not rush the process, or you are just going to end up sunburnt and in pain, let your skin peel, and then start all over again.

– Wear light sunscreen lotion, especially when you are starting out.

– Use a moisturizer before and after tanning to prevent dry skin from too much direct sunlight.

– Don’t tan naked in a place you feel uncomfortable doing so. You’re going to realize that there are numerous locations available. Go and investigate the place to ensure you’re comfortable before sunbathing nude. 

– Don’t fall asleep while tanning naked. There are numerous reasons why this is an ill-advised outcome. If you’re asleep you’re instantly more vulnerable for starters. Then there’s the fact that you could easily overdo it and burn.

– Drink lots of water. Considering you’re in the sun your body will need more water than it usually does regardless of the fact that you’re not moving as much. Your body will dry out as you sit in the sun, so every 20 minutes or so, take a sip of water to help achieve and maintain a nice glow and elasticity throughout your day in the sun.

Here’s a video discussing about naked tanning and everything you need to know about the sun.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about tanning naked:

Is nude tanning safe?

Tanning in the nude can be safe if done correctly.
The thing is, and this applies to normal tanning too, is that tanning, in general, isn’t considered ‘safe.’
There are risks like skin cancer risks, sunburns, etc. 
But if we take a more individual look at nude tanning, then we need to wonder how safe is it compared to normal tanning.
We reiterate that it’s safe to a certain extent and provided you’re taking all the precautions to ensure it’s as safe as possible.

Can you tan nude without being 100% nude?

Surprisingly, yes, you can tan nude without being 100% nude.
In order to tan nude without being 100% nude you’ll need tan-through swimsuits.
These bikinis are designed specifically to allow the sun through to the skin.
There are various types with different materials and thicknesses which can affect the level of tan these areas achieve.

Final Thoughts

We have established that tanning in the nip can clearly give you superb results and leave you with little or no tan lines to have to contend with.

While topless sunbathing on a nude beach might not be everyone’s cup of tea, tanning nude is a fantastic way to get an even more beautiful tan all over your entire body.

However, the decision to tan in the nude is entirely up to the individual and how they feel about being all-natural when tanning.

If you’re not feeling totally comfortable with the idea of stripping off for a tanning session, try it first in the comfort of your home.

You may love it and continue with it in all your tanning sessions, or you may hate it and never do it again.

Either way, there’s no harm in trying nude tanning.

Be very careful with sun exposure. Too much will be harmful, especially with nude sunbathing.

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