Can You Leave Fake Tan On While Sleeping?

So, you have decided that you need to cover your pale skin and start using a sunless tanner.

If you are relatively new to this then you are sure to have many questions about the process of using a self-tanner. One of these questions is whether or not you can leave your fake tanner on overnight?

Simply answered, yes, you can leave your self-tanner on overnight. Doing this can actually assist the color that you have applied to develop fully.

Overnight tanning products are specially made to develop a gradual tan thus making it safe for you to go to sleep after application and wake up with a stunning tan.

There are, however, a few factors that you need to consider before you jump into bed with your self-tanner.

In this article we will discuss how using a quality self-tanner can be extremely beneficial in the self-tanning process as well as how to go to bed with your self-tanner on without causing it to streak or mess on your clothing and bedsheets.

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What to Consider Before You Sleep with Your Self-Tanner On

Many self-tanners put on their fake tan the night before. This is a good idea as it leaves ample time for the chemical reaction that makes your color develop to do its job.

Over and above, it is also a convenient way in which to go to bed and wake up with a beautiful golden tan.

It is important, however, to make sure that you have applied the correct type of tanner before settling down into your bed for the night.

If you don’t use a good-quality self-tanner, then you are more than likely going to end up with streaks and stained sheets!

Tips for sleeping in a spray tan without staining your sheets:

  • Make sure that you are wearing loose clothing and cover the top of your sheets with a towel.
  • If you are a regular self-tanner, then it is probably a good idea to invest in a sheet protector.

Product Application is Important

Many self-tanning products contain a guide color. This can make it a lot easier for a first-time self-tanner to see if they have missed any spots on the body before going to bed.

The more experienced self-tanner will, however, be able to use a tintless tanner.

There are many different types of self-tanners. These products ultimately produce the same results but may have to be applied differently.

Here are the two most popular types of self-tanners and how they work:

Tanning Lotions

Lotions normally take a little longer to absorb into your skin. This makes self-tanning lotions the easiest option for first-time self-tanners.

The longer the tanning lotion takes to be absorbed into your skin, the longer you can spread it out more evenly and find any places on the body that need to be fixed.

Tanning Mousses

A mousse self-tanner has a higher alcohol content than a lotion self-tanner, so it tends to dry a lot faster.

Mousse self-tanners are extremely effective, allow for a quick drying time, and are perfect for the more seasoned self-tanner.

A mousse self-tanner is the best product to use if you are applying it before you go to bed as it dries quickly and covers the body effectively allowing for a streak-free tan.

Mousse tanners don’t contain a great deal of guide color or tint, so it is important to make sure that you know what you are doing and spread it evenly all over your body.

An Evening Spray Tan May Be More Beneficial

If you are more of a spray tan kind of person then it would be a good idea to schedule your spray tan towards the end of the day.

The reason for this is that a spray tan usually takes roughly eight hours to develop. This is the perfect time frame to go to bed and wake up in the morning with a glowing tan.

Always make sure to exfoliate your skin before you go for your spray tanning session for your skin to maintain its tan for as long as possible.

Valuable Tips for Sleeping With Your Fake Tan On

Whether you use a lotion, mousse, or go for a spray tan these valuable tips apply to all types of tanning products. Here are some ways in which to go to bed after applying your self-tanning product.

# 1 Make Sure Your Self-Tanner is Dry

Always make sure that your self-tanner is dry before you get into bed, This will prevent the tint from staining your sheets and will also eliminate any streaks or blotches.

As previously mentioned, self-tanning mousse dries the fastest and is a good option if you want to go to bed shortly after applying your self-tanner.

# 2 Minimize Any Skin-to-Skin Contact

DHA which is found in self-tanning products is a chemical that reacts with skin cells to darken the outer layer of your skin.

Once you have applied self-tanner you should make sure to wear loose clothing to bed and not press your skin together while you are sleeping.

This can make the chemical transfer to another part of your body and cause dark blotches.

# 3 Moisturize First Thing in The Morning

Moisturizing upon waking up is probably one of the most important steps to maintaining a more even glow for a longer time.

As soon as you have woken up apply an oil-free moisturizer to hydrate the skin.

This will help to stop the skin cells from shedding too quickly so that you are able to maintain your tan for longer and will also keep your skin moisturized and looking healthier.

In Conclusion: Sleeping While You Tan

At the proverbial end of the day putting a self-tanner on at night before you go to sleep can be a wonderful way in which to develop your color while you are sleeping.

The key is to make sure that the self-tanner that you are using is a good quality product and that the correct tips and procedures are adhered to at all times.