Is it OK to Tan Two Days in a Row?

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You have a big event coming up, and you want to make sure that you are dressed to the hilt together with a golden tan that will make heads turn.

The event is in a few days, and you have only managed to get a slight base tan in your last few sunbed and outside tanning sessions.

The question is, are you able to hit the sunbed or the beach and tan for two days in a row to get a tan quickly?

The answer to this question is both yes and no!

Technically, you can tan for two days in a row, but you are risking your skin overexposure by doing this.

It is usually recommended that you skip at least one day between sessions to allow your tan to develop fully.

It’s advisable to build up your tan slowly and naturally by tanning two to three days per week and then maintaining it by tanning at least one to two times per week.

Why It Is Not A Good Idea to Tan Two Days in A Row

How long should you wait between sunbeds?
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Tanning only every other day can help your skin tan faster and reduce premature aging and DNA damage.

In short, what happens is that the skin produces a substance called melanin which is a dark pigment to protect it from any UV rays.

This pigment starts to form only a few hours after exposure giving your skin a tanned look.

Skin cells typically need at least 48 hours in between sessions to build up their maximum defenses and melanin production, thus also allowing your skin to recover.

How Often Can I Tan?

If you want to tan safely and prevent damage to your skin, it is advisable to wait more or less two days between your tanning sessions for your tan to develop fully.

Daily UV exposure can cause damage to the skin. However, there is a fine line between too much and too little.

This is because if you wait for too long between sessions, your tan can quickly start to fade.

If you insist on tanning two or more days in a row, it is essential to bear in mind that a base tan must be built up slowly and steadily.

If you decide to tan every day, then rather spend approximately 10-15 minutes in the sun at a time while using a low SPF sunscreen.

Can I Tan in A Sunbed for Two Days in A Row?

Tanning beds were designed to mimic the effects of the sun’s UV rays on the skin and there are often debates as to whether or not these machines are safe to use.

The truth is that if they are used with care and by following the correct procedures, you can prevent permanent damage to the skin while at the same time still being able to get a tan responsibly.

This being said, it is not advisable to use a sunbed for two or more days in a row.

You can cause skin irritation, sunburn, heat rashes, and various other skin problems if you do this.

Tanning Bed Pros

  • Tanning beds can be found at most salons that you visit.
  • Tanning beds give you the ability to control the outcome of your results.
  • They can be used indoors, no matter what the weather may be like outside.

Tanning Bed Cons

  • Sessions can be expensive.
  • The rays from the sunbed are completely unfiltered, so this could cause health risks.
  • People who suffer from sensitive skin should not use sunbeds.

Can You Go Tanning Outdoors for Two Days in a Row?

The time needed to develop a tan in each individual can significantly differ depending on their skin tones, sun intensity, and the amount of time spent in the sun without using any SPF protection.

After a day spent outdoors or at the beach, a tan will not usually immediately appear.

You may notice your skin become slightly red and burn a little, but it is only afterward that the skin starts to tan by producing melanin.

Be extremely careful not to develop a sunburn while you are out in the sun.

If you burn, your skin will still produce melanin, but your skin will first start to peel before showing any change.

Sadly, if you get sunburnt, your skin will typically automatically go back to the pale color that it was before your session.

If you want to ensure that you get the best tan possible with the best amount of exposure to the sun’s UV rays, then it is best to sunbathe at about 2 pm when the sun is at its brightest.

Take it slowly, and a day at a time, by allowing your skin to revitalize itself after each session and take a break for a day or two if you feel that your skin has been overexposed.

Tanning Outdoor Pros

  • Tanning in the sun is natural and enables your body to absorb UV rays and other ingredients that are beneficial to your overall health, such as Vitamin D.
  • Sunlight occurs naturally and is not man-made, which is why it is best for most skin types.

Tanning Outdoor Cons

  • You can’t tan naked to prevent tan lines unless you are at a private beach or in your garden.
  • The sun is not always out as there are days when it is cloudy.

While this does not mean that you will not tan at all, it does mean that you may not tan as much as you would when the sun is out and at its strongest.

Here’s a video explaining how often you should tan.

Final Thoughts

Nobody can stop you from going to the salon or basking in the sun for two days in a row.

Ultimately at the end of the day, the choice is yours to make.

Most beauty salons will not recommend it, especially if you have sensitive skin or the type of skin that is prone to burn quickly.

If you feel that you need to tan for two days in a row, then it is advisable to decrease the length of time you are exposed to the sun’s UV rays or sunbed to prevent sunburn and any other skin damage.

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