Reviews of the Best Tanning Oils

When it comes to achieving the perfect tan there are often many questions about what tanning oil products are the best ones to use.

With so many kinds of tanning oils to choose from, how do you know which one would most suit your skin type as well as what ingredients it is made with?

In this article we are going to discuss why using a tanning oil is beneficial when trying to obtain the perfect tan as well as some of the most popular products currently offered on the market.

What is Tanning Oil?

What is tanning oil?

Tanning oils and sunscreen are not the same things.

While sunscreen protects the skin from ultraviolet rays, a tanning oil attracts the UV rays onto the body.

This increases the production of melanin within the skin cells leading to a darker shade on the skin.

Tanning oil has a different consistency from a typical sunscreen and also has a lower sun protection factor.

It is important to choose a tanning oil wisely and try to purchase one that has broad-spectrum sunscreen in its ingredients.

This will enable the tanner to tan safely and still obtain a beautiful skin tone as they will be able to spend more time in the sun without damaging the skin.

How Tanning Oils Work

What oil makes you tan the fastest?

Tanning oils are made specifically to enhance the tanning process and help people to get a richer tan.

These products work quicker than tanning with sunscreen as it allows UV rays to penetrate the skin.

Remember that UV rays penetrate through the skin to increase melanin to fast forward the tanning process.

Most tanning oil products contain bronzers such as dihydroxyacetone (DHA).

This is a natural type of sugar mixed with amino acids causing a chemical reaction on the outer layer of a person’s skin giving it a natural bronzed appearance.

Most tanning oil products can be used both outdoors as well as indoors but there are a few that work better for other tanning methods such as sunbeds.

A person needs to take into consideration how they are going to tan before choosing the tanning oil that would best suit that specific scenario.

Tanning Oils Moisturize the Skin

Most tanning oils contain an array of moisturizing agents that allow the skin to tan well without it drying out.

These moisturizing agents include sodium isethionate sodium PCA and glycerin to protect and revive the skin.

If the skin is moisturized the tan that has been acquired is going to look better and stay on the skin for a longer time.

Tanning oils play a big role in keeping the skin moisturized while a person is out in the sun.

Tanning oils help to create a layer of protection that keeps the skin moisturized as well as allows the skin to be more flexible to ensure an even tan that both looks and feels good.

A Faster Tan

For those looking for a darker tan in minimal time tanning oils are the best solution as they help to reflect light and speed up the tanning process by increasing melanin production.

Skin Protection

Tanning oils contain natural ingredients and essential oils that moisturize as well as improve the look of the skin.

They also help to protect the skin from premature aging and sunburn.

Essential oils can also be found in tanning oil products. These essential oils provide nutrients and improve the overall health of the skin.

When looking for a tanning oil read the label to see what ingredients it contains. The best ingredients for skin protection are as follows:

  • Coconut oil
  • Hemp
  • Vitamin E
  • Riboflavin

What To Keep In Mind When Looking for A Good Tanning Oil

The Best Tanning Oils with spf

There are a few factors that need to be considered when purchasing the right tanning oil.

It is important to choose a product that is going to give you a deep golden tan and allow the individual to spend less time in the sun.

Here are the following factors that need to be kept in mind before buying tanning oil.

When Are You Going to Be Tanning?

Bear in mind that the intensity of the sun’s rays depends highly on what time of the day it is.

To get the maximum skin exposure it is best to tan during the peak tanning hours of the day.

It is, however, important to recognize that when tanning during the peak hours of the day a tanning oil should contain some form of sun protection.

Tanning in the early hours of the day when the sun’s rays are less intense a person can get away with using a tanning oil that contains a lower sun protection factor.

The Type of Product

There are many different types of tanning oils.

Some may be sold in the form of lotions and others may have a different consistency such as an oil or serum base.

Oil-based tanning lotions are known to provide a darker and even tan in less time.

When choosing a tanning oil it is important to consider how the bottle applies the tanning oil onto the skin.

It is always best to purchase a tanning oil product that is user-friendly and can be applied quickly and evenly while tanning.

The best way to apply tanning oil is usually with a spray bottle.

How Long Will You Be in The Sun?

This is a very important aspect to consider when looking for the perfect tanning oil.

If tanning sessions are going to be during the day when the sun is at its strongest it is best to choose a tanning oil with a broad-spectrum SPF.

The chosen tanning oil should also have the ability to stay on the skin for an extended amount of time after it has been applied.

The Ingredients the Tanning Oil Contains

Ideally, tanning oils should be made using pure ingredients such as coconut oil, Aloe Vera, Shea butter, and vitamins.

Always consider the following:

When choosing a tanning oil it is advisable to choose a product that has a sun protection factor of at least 15.

This will help to prevent sunburn and then peeling.

Bronzing oils often have no SPF protection as they have been designed specifically for tanning.

Try to go for a bronzing oil that has some sun protection or apply some sunscreen before applying the bronzing oil.

Some tanning oils can contain harmful chemicals and parabens that can cause skin inflammation and other skin diseases.

It is important to find a tanning oil with natural ingredients especially if you battle with problematic skin.

Your Natural Skin Type

Luckily, many tanning oils cater to specific skin types.

  • People with dry skin need to find a product with an oily consistency to keep their skin moist and supple.
  • Those with pale skin that is prone to burning should look for a tanning oil that has a higher SPF factor.
  • Those who already have dark skin can purchase tanning oils that have a lower SPF as the risk of sunburn is lower.

Problematic Skin Conditions

When it comes to problematic skin conditions, it is important to choose a tanning oil that is natural and contains very few chemicals.

Tanning oils are available for people who have skin diseases such as eczema or are prone to allergic reactions when using certain products.

It is also important to exfoliate before tanning and moisturize after tanning to protect the skin from severe dryness and irritation.

The Best and Most Popular Tanning Oils

Best tanning oils for faster tan

There are so many tanning oils to choose from.

Try to find a tanning oil that hydrates and looks after the skin while tanning and leaves the tanner with a golden bronzed tan.

Here is a list of some of the most popular tanning oils currently available:

Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil

This stunning tanning oil spray gives the user a beautiful rich golden tan and adds nourishment and hydration to the skin.

This is due to the carrot root extract, cocoa seed butter, coconut oil, and banana fruit extract that is contained in its ingredients.

  • The Banana Boat Tanning Spray is water-resistant for up to eighty minutes and works quickly to deliver the results that the user is looking for while preventing sunburn and peeling.
  • This tanning spray contains an SPF 4 sunscreen which is perfect for those with darker more robust skin types.
  • Banana Boat tanning spray can lock moisture into the skin keeping it healthy and soft while tanning.

This tanning oil is quite simply one of the best tanning oils on the market as it offers a broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection to provide healthy sun-kissed skin.

Banana Boat tanning spray offers a variety of SPF protection and is available in 4, 8, 15, and 25 sun protection factors.

Its water-resistant formula contains coconut oil and is lightweight and non-greasy with a handy twist and lock spray can that allows for a one-touch spray for quick application.

Check out this link to find out more about this product.

Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil

For those who are looking for a highly rated tanning oil on a low budget then. The Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil is the one to choose.

Just because it is relatively cheaper than other tanning oils does not mean that it is not a good product to use while tanning.

It is made from all-natural ingredients and softens and rejuvenates the skin while leaving the user with an excellent tan.

This tanning oil is indeed value for money for the following reasons:

  • It is filled with antioxidants and vitamins to improve the health of the skin.
  • It is contained in a nicely shaped easy-to-carry bottle.
  • The Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil s also filled with skin conditioners to moisturize the skin.
  • Allows for a deep dark tan in the shortest time possible.
  • It has a beautiful Hawaiian fragrance to add to the tanning experience.

To find out more about this tanning oil, click here.

Just Nutritive Tanning Oil

Just Nutritive Tanning Oil is just that! Nutritive!

This spectacular tanning oil is perfect for fair skin with the added benefit of moisturizing very dry skin to assist in getting the best tan possible.

This tanning oil helps the skin to look youthful and radiant and comes in a quality plastic bottle that is easy to carry around.

It can also be applied easily as it comes in a spray bottle and is the perfect product to use to stop the skin from drying and preventing sunburn.

Here are some reasons why purchasing Just Nutritive Tanning Oil is well worth the money:

  • Helps to eliminate dry skin and promote healthy hydrated skin.
  • This product has been made with 13 all-natural ingredients.
  • Rich in Aloe Vera.
  • This product is easily absorbed into the skin and won’t leave it looking greasy.
  • Used regularly it can even help to eliminate wrinkles.
  • Just Nutritive Tanning Oil allows for a golden brown and healthy tan.
  • Very highly rated on Amazon.
  • Bear in mind that this tanning oil is not a self-tanner and is mainly used to help the user achieve a safe and beautiful tan when lying in the sun due to its skin-friendly ingredients.

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Isabella Clearly Gold Tanning Oil

This tanning oil accelerated the tanning process and gives the skin a natural, bronzed, and radiant glow.

The reason for this is because it is made from luxurious high-quality ingredients that can help the skin tan while at the same time moisturizing and hydrating it.

The Isabella Clearly Gold Tanning Oil is free of preservatives and toxins and made of only organic and natural ingredients making it safe to use for most skin types.

This tanning oil even comes in a recyclable bottle!

Its natural oils combined with vitamin E, vitamin A, and beta carotene leave the skin looking beautiful, healthy, and hydrated.

It is also filled with anti-aging antioxidants that help to reverse any skin damage and tighten the skin.

Visit this link to find out more.

Ed Hardy Tanning Oil

The Ed Hardy tanning oil is a little more expensive than other tanning oils, but here is why.

  • It is a tanning oil made specifically for pale skin.
  • It is made from coconut milk and coconut oil.
  • This product serves as a bronzer as well as a moisturizing agent.
  • The Ed Hardy tanning oil is one of the best-rated tanning oils to date.
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor tanning.
  • Enjoy a quality tanning experience like none other.
  • The Ed Hardy tanning oil is nongreasy.

This oil has been carefully and beautifully manufactured right down to the design of the oval-shaped, golden finished bottle that holds it.

The Ed Hardy tanning oil is a high-end product and gives the user a great experience from start to finish and is used by avid tanners all over the world.

The coconut scent that emits itself from this product will have its users mesmerized and its ingredients are filled with exceptional quality together with a second to none moisturizing agent to soothe the skin and intensify the tanning experience.

The Ed Hardy Tanning Oil cares about the tanner’s skin.

  • It has a combination of ingredients that get rid of dry skin.
  • Reduces redness and wrinkles making the skin look radiant and youthful.
  • Perfect for those with tattoos as the ingredients can actually enhance the look of the tattoo.

Unfortunately, although this product ticks all the boxes, it may take a longer time for the skin to start tanning.

This means that sunscreen should be applied while using this product.

The wait, however, is worth it as it helps to achieve the perfect golden-brown tan and leaves the skin feeling fresh and revitalized.

Go to to find out about Ed Hardy tanning products.

Ocean Potion Dark Tanning Oil

Not only does Ocean Potion have a catchy name, but it is also able to accelerate the tanning process due to its oil-based ingredients and is considered one of the best tanning products on the market to date.

The ingredients include coconut oil and carrot oil to accelerate the skin’s melanin production to make it tan darker and faster.

It also conditions the skin without making it feel greasy and oily.

This product, however, was designed for extreme tanners and its ingredients intensify the sun’s rays onto the body for a speedy and effective tan.

Click on this link to find out more about the Ocean Potion Tanning Spray and how it can benefit you.

Australian Gold Tanning Oil

This beautiful smelling tanning oil is made from a mix of orange, vanilla, and coconut and can give tanners a beautiful dark tan.

It also comes in a convenient spray bottle which allows for faster application and no excess oiliness.

This tanning spray has been formulated together with a Colorboost Maximizer which allows the skin to produce more melanin causing a beautiful deep brown tan.

This tanning oil is suitable for all skin types and also contains a bronzer made from a blend of melanin, caramel, walnut shell blend, and carrot oil.

The essential oils in this tanning oil promote healthy, radiant, hydrated, and glowing skin and are perfect for use on dry skin.

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Cocosolis Choco Tanning Oil

Possibly the best-smelling tanning oil on the market today is the Cocosolis Choco tanning oil.

It is completely organic and gives off a beautiful chocolate scent.

This tanning oil contains oils and vitamins to help give a dark long-lasting tan and can be used for indoor and outdoor tanning sessions.

It also contains bioactive ingredients to help the skin to tan quickly and magnificently.

Due to its organic ingredients, antioxidants, and moisturizers, it is soft on the skin and perfect for those who have more sensitive skin.

Its organic ingredients leave little change for any skin irritation or allergic reactions.

This tanning oil does not offer any sun protection but is compatible with any broad-spectrum sun cream to prevent sunburn and skin damage.

For more information click on

Panama Jack Tanning Oil

This tanning oil has a wonderful tropical smell and is a lightweight formula that does not make the skin uncomfortably sticky.

The oils used in this product are made from a variety of fruit and nut extracts as well as exotic oils.

The Aloe Vera which is one of the ingredients in the Panama Jack Tanning Oil helps to keep the skin moisturized and prevent any damage or sunburn while building up a base tan.

This popular tanning oil is perfect for those who are looking for a light and easy product to apply and comes with the added benefit of a beautiful tropical scent.

Unfortunately, the Panama Jack Tanning Oil does not have any UV protection, so it is advisable to tan responsibly and apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to properly protect the skin and avoid any skin damage.

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Sun Bum Tanning Oil

This tanning oil is extremely moisturizing and is perfect for those who want to get a sun-kissed tan without damaging or drying out their skin.

This tanning oil contains the following ingredients to keep skin hydrated and healthy:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Green tea butter
  • Marula
  • Coconut oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Argan oil

Over and above this Sun Bum Tanning oil contains a factor of 15 SPF which means that the skin is protected from the sun’s UV rays.

A major advantage to this tanning oil is that it hardly needs to be reapplied as it is completely water-resistant!

To find out, more click on

 Maui Island Tanning Oil

This tanning oil was manufactured in Hawaii and has a unique formula that caused the skin to go a deep brown when tanning.

The smell of the Maui Island Tanning Oil is breathtaking and almost smells like coffee.

This is more than likely from the mixture of oils that can only be found on the Maui island.

This mixture consists mainly of:

  • Passionflowers
  • Kukui nuts
  • Macadamia nut oil
  • Coffee and tea extracts

The magical formula does not contain any kind of dye so it will not cause clothing to stain.

This tanning oil can start to take effect almost immediately once the skin is exposed to the sun.

This tanning oil certainly has many benefits with its beautiful scent, exotic oils, and its ability to allow for faster tanning without damaging the skin.

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What About Natural Tanning Oils?

Natural and home-made tanning oil

Natural tanning oils are normally found in liquid form and contain ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, and other moisturizing agents.

These ingredients are totally natural and perfect for the individual that does not want to use any chemically enhanced tanning product.

Natural and Home-Made Tanning Oil Benefits

Natural homemade tanning oils have many benefits on the skin. These benefits include the following:

They Promote Healthy Skin

Tanning oils promote healthy skin and can enhance a person’s tan.

Tanning oils contain ingredients such as vitamin E which helps to moisturize the skin.

They also contain antioxidants that can reduce any damage that has been caused to the skin while tanning.

Keep The Skin Hydrated

Tanning oils help to keep the skin hydrated while tanning.

It is extra beneficial to those who have naturally dry skin and prevent the skin from looking flaky and undernourished.

Anti-Aging Properties

The vitamin E contained in tanning oils can substantially reduce the effects of aging and protect the skin from free radicals.

Free radicals are what cause damage to the skin and make it lose collagen resulting in aging effects on the skin.

How to Make A Natural Tanning Oil

Many natural substances can be used to make a tanning oil that will help with the tanning process as well as hydrate the skin.

The Best DIY Tanning Oil Ingredients

Best DIY natural tanning oil

The following are ingredients that can be used to make homemade tanning oils:

Grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil is extremely rich in vitamin E which is what makes it a wonderful ingredient for a homemade tanning oil.

Vitamin E ensures that the skin keeps well hydrated when it is in the sun. Grapeseed oil is also able to give skin protection from sunburn and skin damage.

Jojoba oil

This magical oil is a wonderful natural moisturizer and does not leave a greasy residue.

Perfect when used to make homemade tanning oil.

Olive oil

This is another oil that is extremely rich in Vitamin E to hydrate and soothe the skin when tanning.

It also contains a natural SPF of 8 which helps to protect the skin from any harmful UV rays.

Another bonus is that it helps to achieve an even tan and speed up the tanning process.

Coconut oil 

Looking for an ingredient that will work well with sensitive skin? Then look no further.

Coconut oil works extremely well on skin that is sensitive and prone to allergic reactions.

It also offers an SPF of 5 and promotes an even dark tan.

Coconut oil is always a winner when it comes to making homemade tanning oils as it is filled with antifungal as well as antibacterial properties.

Applying Tanning Oil

How to apply tanning oil for darkest skin

The application of tanning oil is relatively simple.

Simply pour the amount that is needed into the palms of the hands and then spread the oil evenly onto the entire body.

Evenly is the operative word because if the tanning oil is not applied evenly there are going to be areas of the skin that will not tan properly and thus result in an uneven tan.

To tan faster try to reapply the tanning oil every two hours.

To tan slower, it is recommended that the tanning oil is reapplied after every 3 hours.

This all depends on a person’s skin type and whether or not they are prone to burning easily when in the sun.

1.      Exfoliate

Exfoliation brings the skin back to life and helps it to maintain a healthy glowing tan.

It is extremely important to exfoliate the skin before and after a tanning session to get rid of any dead skin cells. Use a good quality exfoliator.

2.      Apply

Tanning oils are easy to apply and spread all over the body.

Tanning oil can last for quite a while as it is easy to spread.

A tanning oil product can be used to complete many tanning sessions as a person only needs to use a small amount per session.

3.      Lie in The Sun and Reapply Regularly

Now all that is left to do is lie in the sun and let the tanning oil work its magic! Make sure to stay hydrated and reapply the tanning oil after swimming.

A broad-spectrum sunscreen must also be applied to the skin at least every two hours during the tanning session.

4.      Hydrate Afterwards

Hydrating the skin after every tanning session is vitally important.

Adequate hydration and moisturizing will prevent the skin from peeling and assist to keep the golden tan that has been achieved.

Try to use a moisturizer that contains Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, and glycerin to keep the skin hydrated, healthy, and ready in time for the next tanning session.

Banana Boat Aloe After Sun Gel

The Banana Boat Aloe After Sun Gel works perfectly to cool down and hydrate skin that has been exposed to the sun.

It also helps to prevent the skin from peeling and makes it look healthy and radiant.

Its main ingredient is Aloe Vera which soothes skin that is dry or sunburnt.

Final Thoughts

Tanning oils are extremely useful when used to accelerate the tanning process while at the same time moisturizing and protecting the skin, provided that they contain a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Always remember to tan responsibly so that the risk of sunburn, aging, and skin cancer can be minimized.

In short, applying a good quality tanning oil together with a broad-spectrum sunscreen can significantly help to achieve the perfect tan.