How Often Should You Get Your Eyebrows Waxed?

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Eyebrows are the very first feature that frames your face. The face structure is highly dependent upon your eyebrows.

Your eyebrows have the power of uplifting your appearance by changing your face frame.

No wonder why grooming your eyebrows is so important.

Perfectly trimmed and groomed eyebrows offer your face a naturally elegant look.

Beauty has standards and groomed eyebrows certainly rank high on the beauty charts.

To score better on the beauty charts you must learn a few tricks related to grooming your brows.

Like how can you groom your brows and how often should you get your eyebrows waxed?

You should also know what you should do and not do before and after your eyebrow appointment.

So, let’s dive in!

How Often Should You Get Your Eyebrows Waxed and Why?

How often should you groom your brows?

Wondering how often should you get your eyebrows waxed?

You should wax your eyebrows every 3 to 4 weeks or once a month.

Waxed brows keep a fresh look on your face even after going through a tiring day.

You must pay proper attention to your eyebrows. Waxing helps to give your brows a clean shape and elegant look.

Nicely done eyebrows make you look much younger.

Waxing your eyebrows may not be a necessity but it sure is the most basic step of grooming your face.

Women all around the world maintain their eyebrow shapes.

Not only women but men also practice waxing of eyebrows to obtain a better face frame.

How To Care For Your Eyebrows?

Like all other body parts, your eyebrows deserve a fair share of your attention as well.

You can fix your eyebrows to get a nice facelift. By grooming your brows to your liking, you get a chance to uplift your personality. 

  • If you have a round chubby face, you should keep your eyebrows thick and dark Such that it forms a nice dense arc.
  • On the contrary, thin-arched brows suit people who have rather sharp facial features.
  • If you prefer a more simple and sophisticated look, you can keep rather less arched brows with moderate thickness.

In short, waxing eyebrows give your options to recreate your look.

You can easily find a look that best suits your personality by trying different eyebrow shapes.

Then, adopt a new refreshing brow-care treatment plan for maintaining the look you desire.

Methods of Eyebrow Care Planning

How often should you groom your brows?

Your eyebrow shape determines your personality as it compliments your face and emphasizes your persona. 

Every woman loves grooming her brows and giving them a shape that suits her personality.

Grooming your brows properly keeps your face fresh and gives you a well-maintained look.

It’s only fair that you take the proper time to wax your brows. Find the best method of eyebrow care planning that works for you.

Here are the different types of eyebrow care planning methods that people use all over the world to shape their brows.

Learn how often should you get your eyebrows waxed and how to take care of your brows.

Eyebrow Care MethodsFrequency
Shape your browsEvery 3 to 4 weeks.
Tweeze your browsUse a  pair of tweezers to pluck your brows every 2 or 3 days to maintain the shape.
Threading or WaxingEvery 3 to 4 weeks
Trim your browsOnce a month or every 5 weeks.
Tint your browsEvery 4 to 6 weeks or maybe every month. It depends upon how fast your eyebrows grow back.
Eyebrow care methods and how often to do them.

Promoting Brow Growth Treatments

Each step is necessary for eyebrow care planning.

However, if you like your brows to be dark and thick, avoid trimming them too short.

You can also use a growth treatment plan that includes applying Castor oil, Latisse, and Rogaine on your brows.

It helps to promote hair growth and keeps your brows richly blessed with dark hair.

When Should You Wax Your Brows?

Eyebrow grooming is certainly not an easy job.

Waxing your brows into a sleek arched shape takes time, practice, and skills.

Moreover, regular trimming and waxing also help to maintain the shape of your brows.

So, how often should you get your eyebrows waxed in order to maintain their shape?

Usually, it is recommended to wax your brows every month. It gives a good look to your face-framing it perfectly with the other features.

When your brows are nicely done around the edges shaped in a perfect arc, that’s where you should feel satisfied.

That’s exactly the point where you have achieved your eyebrow goals.

Since shaping your brows properly is such a real struggle, you cannot do it alone. People who try, often fail to get the perfect shape the first time.

Therefore, it’s best to let the professionals do their job while you sit there and enjoy the results. 

Why Choose Waxing?

Waxing is the most commonly used cost-effective method of fixing your brows. It involves removing extra brow hair using face wax.

It is a much better procedure to shape your brows instead of plucking out the hair with tweezers.

Although waxing is painful and costs more than your average threading technique, the majority of women still do it.

That’s why waxing is still the most used method of shaping your brows. People still prefer waxing because the results are well worth all the trouble.

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Pros of Waxing Your Brows

Waxing is a technique used commonly to give your eyebrows a perfect shape.

There are many benefits of waxing your brows instead of threading or plucking. Such as

  • Waxing is very easy and quick.
  • It takes a short amount of time as compared to other techniques.
  • Continuous waxing keeps your entire brow area clean
  • After-waxed area gives a nice smooth texture.
  • Your hair grows back slowly after waxing.
  • Waxing also removes any dirt, germs, and dead skin cells.
  • Great accuracy can be achieved with the waxing technique.

How can I make my waxing appointments a little more pleasant?

If you’re contemplating your first eyebrow waxing session, you’ve probably found a ton of sources that suggest it might be a little more painful than the methods you’re accustomed to. There’s some truth to that but here’s how you can make your first appointment a little less daunting;

Find a reputable salon

Your experience will naturally be a lot tenser if you’re unsure of the capabilities of your service provider.  More importantly, first impressions do matter and your face plays a huge role in that. So you want to make sure the person you are working with is qualified.

Don’t pinch pennies

The quality of the wax used is different across salons. While lower-end salons stick to hard wax, a lot of mid-range to higher-end salons invest in more gentle waxes that make the session a lot more bearable.

Avoid spending time in the sun prior to your wax

Sun damage caused by prolonged hours in the open can leave your skin sensitive and make your waxing session unpleasant. Sunburns may be the most obvious sign of sun damage however, just because you don’t look like a tomato or have a burn does not mean you are not experiencing skin sensitivity.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Coffee has permanently integrated itself into most morning routines and we understand why. Unfortunately, caffeine and alcohol are both stimulants that increase sensitivity. Try to avoid these before your appointment. You can always celebrate getting through your wax with a good cup of coffee later.

Do not pluck strays

The urge to pluck any strays that seemingly lie awfully out of place when doing your eyebrows is hard to resist however, it is paramount to getting through your appointment and liking the results.

Plucking strays here and there may thin out your eyebrows and make them harder to shape when it’s finally time to get them professionally done. Wax also adheres better to longer hairs which makes getting your desired results better.

What To Do After Waxing Your Eyebrows?

You must take care of your waxed eyebrows because waxing leaves your skin very delicate, dry, and prone to infections.

Therefore, it’s important to focus on caring for your recently waxed brows.

  • Keep Your Brows Clean

After waxing your brows, remove the remaining wax from your skin. You can use wipes to gently clean the remnants of wax.

  • Cool It Down 

Use cooling agents to keep your skin cool and avoid any irritating itchy reactions to waxing.

You can use aloe vera gel or lavender oil to cool it down.

  • Moisturise The Area

Make sure to keep your waxed area moisturized because waxing leaves your skin dry and dehydrated.

It will soothe your brow area and prevent redness.

What NOT To Do After Waxing Your Eyebrows?

How often should you groom your brows?

Eyebrows are not just a mere part of your facial features.

Instead, your brows are the truth-telling, face-framing elements that structure your face.

You must remember to take precautions after you’ve waxed your eyebrows.

  • Avoid Plucking Stray Hairs

Don’t start plucking immediately after you’ve waxed your brows. This will cause your skin to turn red indicating inflammation and irritation.

Your skin may end up breaking off, making wounds and bruises.

  • Avoid Using More Product

Never reapply wax on your recently waxed skin.

Even if you notice there are some stray hair strands still left after your waxing session, don’t wax your brows again.

Instead, let your skin gain its composer back. Then, use a pair of tweezers to gently pluck out any remaining hair.

  • Avoid Exfoliating Your Face

Don’t apply any makeup scrubs or exfoliating cleansers on recently waxed skin areas.

  • Follow the aftercare instructions.

Aftercare practices may vary across salons. Whatever it is, try to follow it for the next 2-3 days until skin sensitivity has subsided and then you can return to your normal routine.

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure/tanning right after waxing

Waxing causes your skin to be sensitive and raw. The chances of raw skin suffering sunburn right after a session are much higher. Give your skin time to recover before heading out for a tanning session.

It will cause extreme irritation of your brow area and redness.

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Does waxing your brows hurt?

Waxing does hurt a little bit when the wax strip is pulled plucking all the hair out at once.

But it gets better instantly as the pain from the sudden stripping wears off.

However, if you’re waxing the same area, again and again, it will hurt because of continuous stress.

How long does the eyebrow wax last?

Brow waxing usually lasts for a month or two.

Normally, most women take a 6 week’s break before making another appointment for brow waxing.

It is recommended that you wax your brows every 3 to 4 weeks for better results.

Also, continuous waxing may extend the 6-week period. 

How often should you get your brows done?

Eyebrows frame your face and give a natural bold look to your personality.

Waxing your brows helps to change your look and be more elegant.

You should wax your brows about every 4 to 5 weeks for effective results.

It is the most suitable frequency that complements your hair growth cycle.

So, all your hair would grow at the same time preventing the growth of stray hair strands.

How long should you wait between brow waxes?

Your body has its own bio-clock which monitors all the cycles.

The cycle duration may differ from person to person.

But on average, your hair growth cycle usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks to regrow baby hair.

This is exactly when you should reconsider booking an appointment for your next brow wax.

We recommend you wait around 4 to 6 weeks between your brow wax appointments.

Is waxing your eyebrows healthy?

Waxing not only maintains the shape of your eyebrows but also helps to keep them clean.

By waxing, you pluck out the extra-growing hair, removing the top dead layer of skin cells near that area.

Waxing also removes any germs or bacteria that may be residing near your brows.

Additionally, waxing leaves your skin sensitive to many factors such as heat, sun exposure, infections, and irritation.

So, you must take care of your freshly waxed brows.

Will waxing eyebrows stop hair growth?

Waxing clears your brow area leaving a clean-cut arc.

If you continuously wax your brows without giving them any time to grow back, your hair follicles will definitely be affected.

Too much waxing may result in stopping hair growth.

Therefore, it is important to take a 4 to 5-week gap before waxing your brows again.

When should I not wax my brows?

You should not wax your brows when your skin is already sensitive.

If you have cleansed your face or received a facial treatment, waxing may cause burns.

Do not schedule your next waxing appointment immediately after you’ve recently waxed your brows.

What happens when you wax too much?

Waxing is good for you until you overstress your eyebrows.

The skin area near your eyebrows becomes very delicate after each waxing session. 

Too much waxing may damage the skin and cause irritation or even bruises.

You’ll face extreme burns if the delicate skin area is exposed to sunlight and heat.

Therefore, avoid waxing too quickly and wait for 4 to 6 weeks before your next waxing session.

Final Thoughts

So, how often should you get your eyebrows waxed?

Once about every 4 to 6 weeks is the best way to maintain clean and healthy brows.

You don’t have to overstress your eyebrows nor do you want to end up with red welts or wounds.

Just apply moisturizer, and avoid heat exposure.

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