Best Sugar Wax Kits Reviewed (Buying Guide)

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Admit it, we all have become excessively cozy with our hairy bodies, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. 

But with the world going back to normal, we find it exhausting to go back to salons for our usual services.

The idea of waxing yourself in the comfort of your own home seems appealing. 

If done appropriately with the help of the right products, waxing or sugaring at home can save energy, money, and unnecessary trips to the salon.  

But it can be a dreadful task, and things can go downhill very swiftly.

If you are a beginner, you might just end up surrounded by a puddle of wax by the end.  

To avoid such situations, we have rounded up some of the best at-home sugar wax kits.

We have specified them according to their pros and cons, so you can select one according to your expertise level.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.

The Four Best Sugar Wax Kits of All Time

Which sugar wax is better?

Whether you are hoping to give your eyebrows a quick little fix or planning to go all-in with a full body wax – we have gathered the most trusted and 5-star rated sugar waxing kits on Amazon that will surely get the job done in no time. 

We won’t say that it will be a painless process, but we can guarantee you it will take care of that hairy business without leaving behind pesky hairs or razor bumps.

All that without costing you a fortune. Talk about scoring a deal!

1. Smooth Lab Sugar Wax Hair Removal Kit

The smooth lab waxing kit is our number one pick.

It is composed of organic ingredients such as lemon juice, sugar, and water, making it an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin.

The wax can be applied to any part of the body, such as the underarms, upper lips, eyebrows, and even your bikini line. 

Their unique formula gives you the benefit of achieving baby-soft, hair-free skin organically. 

When you order the kit from their website or directly from Amazon, it comes with a jar of wax, a wooden spatula for easy application, and woolen wax strips to remove the wax and the hair.


  • Easy to clean up 
  • No additives or artificial colors
  • A little wax goes a long way


  • Less number of strips 
  • Takes multiple attempts to get a hang of the process.

You can buy the smooth lab sugar waxing kit here.

2. Shobha Sugaring Kit

The Shobha sugar waxing kit is an eco-friendly option that is very close to our hearts.

The kit comes with reusable spatulas, denim wax strips, and sugar wax.

The denim wax strips and spatula can be popped into the washer after every use, and voilà they are ready for your next waxing appointment. 

The professional-grade waxing unit gives you salon-like outcomes that too at the solace of your home.

The sugar wax is formulated using all-natural ingredients that contain glycerin, lemon juice, water, and sugar.

They are gentle on the skin and cause little to no irritation and reaction when used in sensitive areas such as on the face or bikini line.


  • Eco Friendly 
  • Detailed instructions for easy use. 


  • Needs to be heated in the microwave before use.

You can buy the Shobha sugaring kit here.

3. Sugaring NYC Sugaring Hair Removal Kit

Find it hard to do waxing by using wax strips? Well, we have the ideal alternative for you—the NYC sugaring hair removal kit.

The wax kit is astonishingly easy to use at home. 

You can simply heat the wax in the microwave and apply it to your skin.

The wax sticks to the dead layer of cells present on your skin and in this way, cause no harm to the top layer.

The kit comes with 2 easy to use applicators, 4 nitrile gloves, and 12 ounces of organic sugar wax. 

With its remarkably special applicators and formula, you can wax your skin without requiring any strips.

The sugar wax will leave your skin radiant, hairless, and smooth 


  • No need for wax strips 
  • Hair grows after 8 weeks at least 
  • Less painful than waxing


  • Hard to achieve the optimum temperature required for use.

You can buy the NYC sugaring hair removal kit here.

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4. Nad’s Natural Sugar Wax 

The Nads natural sugar wax does not require any external appliances to heat up.

Instead, it relies on the warmth of our bodies. How cool is that!

When applied to the skin, it smoothens out thanks to our body heat, and you can easily wax away any unwanted body hairs. 

The formula is hypoallergenic, meaning it can easily wash away when it comes in contact with water.

The kit comes with 100% cotton reusable and washable strips, natural sugar wax, wooden applicators, and an organic pre-wax cleansing soap enriched with argan oil. 


  • Affordable
  • Reusable cotton strips 
  • Wooden applicators


  • Tricky to apply 
  • Too sticky and too thick

You can buy Nad’s natural sugar waxing kit here.

5. Parissa Organic Sugar Wax

Parissa has built a name for itself in the home waxing niche. Their sugar wax is no different as it ensures baby-soft skin without the accompanying pain. This organic sugar wax is made with water, sugar, moisturizing glycerine, citric acid, and chamomile extract.

The citric acid is added to prevent the appearance of dark spots while the glycerine and chamomile extract make the wax gentler ensuring it does not rip your skin off and is slightly less irritating than the standard wax. The kit comes with wax, wooden spatulas, and wax strips.

This kit is incredibly easy to use and with a quick look at the instructions and tutorial videos, you’ll be well on your way to baby-smooth skin. The wax also washes off easily in case you change your mind halfway.

Buy here


·        Gentle formula

·        Organic

·        Washes off easily

·        Affordable


·        A few wax strips were added to the package.

Sugar Wax Kits – Buyer’s Guide

Best sugar wax kits at home

To ensure that you buy the best waxing kit that suits your needs, we have rounded up some of the things that are of utmost importance.

They are as below. 

Different Size Wax Strips

If you plan on using the waxing kit for different areas of the body, then it is recommended to pick a kit that comes with different wax strip sizes. 

Having a wide range of wax strip sizes means that you can easily wax your eyebrows, upper lips, or even your legs while using the same wax kit.

For a more eco-friendly approach, try to find reusable wax strips.

Sugar wax is water-soluble, you can throw the wax strips in your washer and use them multiple times as long as they are cloth.

This turns out to be budget-friendly, and you won’t have to find replacements in case you run out!

Wax Ingredients

Before buying any skincare products, it is always wise to check the ingredients.

They should not contain any harsh chemicals that may irritate the skin.

Normally wax should be made of lemon juice, sugar, glycerine, and water. 

At the point when you browse the web or your neighborhood supermarket aisles, try to find waxing kits that contain only organic ingredients.

This will save you from any potential rashes or irritations caused by harmful chemicals. 

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What Comes In The Kit

When you order a waxing kit online, make sure the waxing kit includes all the little things that you need to easily do it at home.

A waxing kit normally includes:

  • Waxing strips
  • A spatula or a popsicle stick-like applicator
  • Sugar wax

If you get lucky your waxing kit may even include pre-wax and post-wax care products.

But make sure you order one that contains the basic items.

How to go about the sugaring process

Most at-home kits come accompanied by a conclusive set of instructions however you can always look at tutorials on the internet to gain the confidence you need to get the task done. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to go about your waxing process

Step 1-Heat the wax

Depending on the wax kit you are using, heating the wax is often the first step. Sugar wax naturally hardens at room temperature and you need to bring it to a spreadable consistency to get the best results. You heat your wax in a wax warmer, microwave, or a water bath.

Step 2- Apply the wax

Once your wax has reached the desired consistency, use a wooden spatula, provided in the kit, to apply the wax in the direction of hair growth. Ensure your wax is not too hot to avoid burning your skin. If you accidentally overheated your wax, allow it to cool slightly before applying.

Step 3 –Apply the waxing strip.

Once you have applied your wax to the target area, press your waxing strip over the wax and strip it out quickly keeping it close to the skin. 

Tips to guarantee you great results

·        Try to schedule your wax after a shower to ensure your skin is clean. If you have time, you can go the extra mile and exfoliate before waxing.

·        Always ensure your skin is completely dry before you begin your waxing process. 

·        If you’re having trouble getting the wax to stick to your skin, you can add baby powder before applying the wax for better results.

·        Always pull the wax strip against the direction of hair growth.

·        Allow your hair to grow to at least ¼ of an inch for best results. Anything shorter will give you a hard time.

·        While it is tempting to keep going over the same spot to pull out missed hairs we recommend avoiding this as it can greatly irritate the skin in that area.

·        As with your visits to the wax salon, avoid stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol as they increase sensitivity.

·        Schedule your waxes long after your period as the hormonal changes in your body during your period increases sensitivity.


1. Is hard or soft sugar wax better?

The type of wax you choose simply depends on the area that you are targeting.

Hard wax is the most ideal decision for sensitive skin as it is delicate.

You can get rid of unnecessary hairs from your upper lips and eyebrows by using hard wax. 

Soft wax, on the other hand, is more suitable for larger areas like arms, legs, or even your back.

2. What type of sugar wax is best for Brazilians?

The medium Firm is our all-time favorite for doing Brazilian waxing.

Since it keeps a strong hold over those troublesome hairs, the chances of it sticking on different parts of the body are far-fetched. 

In addition to its holding power, it is also still soft enough to get those blond hairs from the bikini area. 

3. Does sugaring cause ingrown hairs?

Sugaring does not cause ingrown hairs.

If you do not exfoliate your skin before sugaring, it can increase the risk of ingrown hairs. 

Proper aftercare such as exfoliation and moisturizing your skin can prevent ingrown hairs, as the hair starts to grow back.

If you religiously practice pre and post-wax care then you will not have ingrown hairs.

4. Is sugar waxing more effective?

If you have shaved your hair in the past, it is most likely that you have coarse hair.

For coarse and thick hair, waxing is more effective. 
Sugaring isn’t a bad choice as well.

They cause less breakage and can pull out more hair right from the roots.

The results are, however, very similar, hair grows back at the same time.

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Final Thoughts 

When you set out on your journey to buy the best sugar wax kit, you will be amazed by the wide range of products available.

We hope that this blog has helped you in getting started on your journey.

Cleared up any confusion and led you in the right direction to choose the best waxing kit that suits your needs. 

If you are an amateur, we would suggest getting premade heatless strips. They will help you get a hang of the process and gain confidence. 

If you are planning to wax your face, the smooth lab sugar waxing kit is our top pick.

And for all those pro home waxers, we would recommend the Shobha sugaring kit that gives you a salon-level finish in the comfort of your own home.

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