Why Are My Eyebrows Lighter Than My Hair?

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This morning you woke up, and while washing your face you noticed that something is different.

No, it is not a pimple, but now you notice something different on your face.

You wonder, “Have I never seen it, or did my brain purposefully ignore it?”

Your eyebrows are a shade or two lighter than your hair. 

Panicking, you did what every other girl would do.

You went to your gal pals and asked them, “why are my eyebrows lighter than my hair?”

This might not be a big deal for them, but for a beauty addict like you, it is something terrifying. 

Since your friends could not satisfy you with their answers. You went on the internet desperate for answers and stumbled across this blog.

Well, you are in sheer luck!

In this blog, we have answered all your brow-related questions and even added a bonus tip at the end.

So keep reading!

Why Are My Eyebrows Lighter Than My Hair? 

should your eyebrows be lighter or darker than your hair

Your eyebrow hairs can be lighter than your natural hair due to exposure to UV rays when you step out into the sun or simply due to genes. 

Your natural eyebrows are generally similar or darker in comparison to your natural hair color.

When you see a person with blond hair and a brown brow, it looks completely natural. 

On the other hand, if you see someone with strawberry blond hair and dark brows, you immediately realize that something does not sit right.

Your hair may seem lighter or darker than your hair due to the thickness of the hair in darkness or just the pigmentation. 

The beauty industry’s main goal is to just achieve a natural no make-up look. Your eyebrows should ideally be the same color or a shade darker.

But if you are a rebel, you can experiment and do something fun like dying them purple. 

If the shade difference is something that bothers you, then the only genuine solution is to match your eyebrows with your hair by using a hair dye. 

You can also go for eyebrow tinting if you are not confident enough to do it at home. 

If you are someone who can’t commit to either of the methods, then you can always use eyebrow mascara or brown mascara.

They will help you fill in gaps and make them a shade darker temporarily.

If your hair is getting a shade lighter after stepping into the sun, then do not fret. 

Just avoid the sun by going out during peak daylight hours.

You can also use a big hat to protect yourself, trust me they will go back to their original color. 

Should Your Eyebrows Be Lighter or Dimmer Than Your Hair?

When it comes to the hair industry, anything and everything is trending.

When it comes to runway shows, we can see bizarre experimentation when it comes to eyebrows.

They are used to express more flair and personality. 

Just like Kim Kardashian’s 2022 Met Gala look where she was seen sporting blond hair with dark brown brows. 

But this alternative appearance is not for everyone and might be a step too far. 

So it all comes down to this, how do you create the perfect balance between your brows and hair?

Well, it depends. Do you prefer to be in the spotlight?

If so, then you can make them stand out as they are one of the prominent features of your face.

Dye your hair a shade or two darker than your natural hair. 

However, if you are someone who likes a natural look, it is better if you choose to dye them the same shade or even a shade lighter, depending on your skin tone. 

This will give your face a more blended look rather than making you stand out. 

If you are a redhead, we would not recommend dying your eyebrows the same shade as it can be quite off-putting.

It is better if you decide to dye them a shade darker for a more professional and subtle look. 

How to Soften Darken Brows? 

If you think that your dark eyebrows overpower your face, you can soften them by various methods.

You can use bleach creams or hydrogen peroxide to soften them up. 

If you have sensitive skin, then you can opt for chamomile tea, lemon juice, or even honey to lighten them. 

Are Darker Eyebrows More Attractive?

Men find women with thick and dark brows more tempting and attractive. It is something that can surely raise a few eyebrows. 

According to researchers, women with fuller bushy eyebrows with a perfect arch, just like models, are more appealing. 

A scientist studying how are face traits a judge for beauty revealed these surprising results.

Should Your Hair Match Your Eyebrows?

If you are under the illusion that your brows need to exactly match your eyebrows, then you need to snap out of it.

For a subtle look, your eyebrows need to be a shade darker than your hair color. 

For instance, you can achieve this look by using the L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Definer Waterproof Eyebrow Mechanical Pencil in the shade brunette if you have medium brown hair color. 

But do not go overboard.

To avoid a sharp contrast, choose a color that is only one shade darker than your dyed or natural hair color. 

If you are a brunette, congratulations! You have a pool of shades to choose from.

We suggest that you try to pick a shade that is closest to your natural brow shade.

A lighter shade is better than a darker one because it can be tough to manage afterward. 

If you can’t choose the right shade, experiment with two!

Choose two shades that are closest to your natural shade and apply them both at once. 

It can be a little expensive, but it is vital for your brows.

For extra definition, apply the lighter shade towards the temple and add the darker shade close to the arch so it can stand out. 

But consider your undertone.

Your brow shade should complement your skin shade, whether you are cool, neutral, or warm. 

According to beauty gurus, the hairs on your face and surrounding your face should frame and compliment your natural beauty.

It is vital to get those tones at the perfect level, be they soft or strong, to decipher your look. 

When you try to match your brow color with your hair, they look unnatural and bland, the opposite of what you desire.

So be cautious and try to first color your brows with the desired shade with an eyebrow pencil to avoid any mishaps. 

Can I Make My Eyebrows Lighter?

Why are my eyebrows different color than my hair?

If you want to make your brows lighter for a nude makeup look or cosplay makeup look, you will need concealer, powder, and a brow pencil a shade lighter than usual. 

You can cover the eyebrows with concealer, set it with powder, and then fill in with a shade of eyebrow pencil that you aim for. 

Why Do Some Blonds Have Dark Eyebrows?

Well, it is natural to have blond hair and darker body hair.

Also, it is usually observed that people bleach their hair and then dye them to achieve a blond look. 

They do not bleach their eyebrows which is why you can see the difference. 

Natural blonds, on the other hand, have extremely light, almost invisible eyebrows, which is why they use a darker eyebrow kit to add definition to their brows. 

Should You Choose to Lighten Your Eyebrows?

A lighter eyebrow might just be a completely new spin on your makeup looks and overall appearance. 

If you dye your eyebrows a lighter shade, your eye makeup will pop more especially if you do a winged eyeliner like Ariana Grande’s or smokey eye makeup.

For What Reason Are My Eyebrows a Shade Different Than My Hair?

In their natural state, people have a wide range of eyebrows and hair colors.

In general, eyebrows will most probably be one or two shades darker or lighter than your original hair color. 

But every person is different, and this does not apply to everyone.

How to Take Care of Your Eyebrows? 

How to Take Care of my Eyebrows? 

Whether you have dark eyebrows or lighter ones. All that matters at the end of the day is they are healthy, shiny, and thick. 

It is very important that you form an eyebrow care routine. Here are a few tips to assist you with the beginning.

Brush Them Out 

Brush your eyebrows every day. This allows increased blood circulation.

Plus, it helps to make them look neat. 

Over-Plucking is a Big No

If you have excess growth, try not to pluck your eyebrows. Visit your nearest salon and get it done by a professional. 

This will help you to maintain their thickness, and they look better. 

Castor Oil 

Massage castor oil in your eyebrows every night and comb it.

Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid which helps in hair growth and also maintains hydration. 


If you cannot visit the salon, an eyebrow trimmer is your go-to option. It helps remove any access hair that isn’t in the line.

This will help you in keeping them in the perfect shape according to your preference. 

Aloe Vera Gel 

best brows for hair color

Apply aloe vera gel on it and witness your brows shining. It also soothes any irritation post-shaping. 

Exfoliate You Brows 

You must exfoliate your brows once a week in the shower.

By exfoliating, you get rid of all the impurities that are stuck in your brow hairs that can potentially cause acne or skin trouble. 

You can do this by simply mixing one teaspoon of olive oil with one teaspoon of brown sugar and scrubbing and rinsing it off in the shower. 


To make your eyebrows look bushy and thick, growth serum can help. Try it out instead of a regular makeup brow gel when you go out. 


Is It Normal for Your Eyebrows to Be a Different Color Than Your Hair?

It is completely normal, don’t worry.

Having your eyebrows and hair color is not always a natural thing.

They are usually a shade darker or even lighter, depending on your genes.

Do Eyebrows Get Lighter With Age?

As we grow older, most of us find that our eyebrows get lighter, start falling off, and even turn gray.

Our once full, nicely-shaped brows lose their shape due to years of tweezing, waxing, and threading.

Do Olive Oil Turn Brows Dark? 

According to a few people, olive oil has helped their eyebrows look dark.

However, there is no clinical proof to back up this case.

Does Low Thyroid Cause Eyebrow Loss?

Eyebrow hair loss is caused by both types of thyroid imbalance.

If you have hyperthyroidism, you may see hair loss in the other third part of the eyebrow, which is the thinnest part that points towards the ear. 

Some other symptoms of thyroid disorders include velvety skin and moist pale or dry skin. 

How Do I Darken My Blond Brows Naturally? 

If you are looking for an organic option to darken your blond eyebrows, henna might be your best option.

It can be a little hard to upkeep due to fading color, but it is much better than vegetable-based dyes that also contain chemicals.

Do Eyebrows Darken During Puberty?

During puberty, your body goes throw a lot of changes, and hair growth is one of them.

If you already have thick eyebrows, you might not notice any changes. 

Facial and pubic hair develop during the end of puberty. So you can keep a lookout and notice any changes.

What to Do With Your Eyebrows When You Go Blond?

If you have blond hair a warm brown brow shade will compliment your face and give you a subtle look.

If you do not want to dye your brows, you can just use a gel, pencil, or eyebrow powder to lightly fill them in.

Final Thoughts

Well, now you might have a clearer idea of why your eyebrows are lighter than your hair.

It has to do with your genes and exposure to UV rays. 

We hope that you can embrace your natural beauty because what we have explained above is absolutely true. 

You are perfect no matter what!

However, if you are in the mood for experimentation with your eyebrow color to make them more defined, you can certainly do so. 

You can start by asking your friend or your local brow artist for some advice.

The advice that I have provided above about matching your eyebrow color and how dark and light you can go, can also help you out and give you a little push. 

In this way, you will have a clear idea of what colors to choose, and you can save your time and money on colors that do not suit your face. 

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