We Show You The Details: How To Get Rid Of Back Acne

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how to get rid of back acne

Acne – no matter where it’s at – can be difficult to treat. You would think pimples would stop appearing after our teen years. However, we know this is not the case. In this quick post, we want to talk about clearing up those annoying blemishes we know as back acne.

Wondering how to get rid of back acne? If you’re looking for positive results, we’re here to help. Why let “backne” ruin your summertime of sea, sand, and surf? Acne treatment is here to help!

More than faces suffer from acne during the summer months. You may have breakouts on chest, neck, shoulders and of course, on your back.

We’ll show you just how to rid your back of acne, including a tip that is cheap, plus advice on a helpful product that will work its best on your back.


What Causes Back Acne?

There are a few reasons you may be experiencing bacne and determining the cause can be a bit difficult at times. Here are the main causes you need to consider:

  • Genetics. Unfortunately, if acne runs in your family it’s likely you may suffer from it too. Luckily, there are ways to treat it!
  • Medications. There are several medicines that include acne as a side effect – for example, some antidepressants will cause your skin to break out.
  • Sweat. If you wear tight clothing while exercising, chances are sweat is being trapped inside. This can cause acne and make it worse if you’ve already had some. A simple solution is showering immediately after a workout.
  • Hormones. Teenagers break out due to the hormonal changes occurring in their bodies. Women past puberty normally have pimple outbreaks during their menstruation cycle and pregnancy.
  • Stress. While you won’t get acne solely because you’re stressed, it is a contributing factor.

So, you’re probably asking yourself how to get rid of back acne. We suggest beginning with the areas that you can control such as sweat and stress. Then, look for solutions to the others – which we’ll cover later down this article.

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How is Acne Different When it’s on Your Back?

That’s an excellent first question, and there’s more than one reason why the acne on your back is different than the acne that is found on your face or your neck.

First, consider that the pores on your back are generally a lot wider than facial pores. Add to this the fact that your back also has thousands of glands that produce oil, and when they start over-producing, it’s not a pretty sight. This can mean serious acne.

So, stronger treatments are needed to battle the over-production of oil in your back’s pores and to prevent the oil from clogging those pores.

Our Top Tips

This is a simple three-step remedy you can use at home to get rid of back acne, and it will need to be repeated on a daily basis for a month or more before you’ll see positive results. It takes a lot of perseverance.

Step One: Use Steam

This is very simple, and it means you’ll have to fill your bathtub ¾ full with hot water and mix in between five and ten drops of tea tree oil. This will help in killing outside infections.

Add one cup of sea salt to act as a very natural exfoliator. Submerge yourself for 15 minutes or longer, and then dry off. Your pores will be more fully open so that you can supply your skin with nutrients that will help it in fighting off acne.

As far as showers go, be sure you take one after every workout or sweat session! Letting the sweat sit on your skin is a huge contributor to bacne. We also suggest wearing loose clothing when you work out to avoid dirt clinging into your pores. Many people also workout without a shirt, which is not a great idea especially if you’re at a gym using the same equipment others use. Finally, be sure to wash your clothing before wearing them again.

Step Two: Go Get Some Vitamin D – from the Sun!

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Yes, it’s as simple as that. Vitamin D3 that you get from your body is hon’s Vitamin D3 will help your body in restoring your hormone levels to normal, and thus help your body to cut back on its oil production. Vitamin D3 is not easily absorbed into your skin, so get as much sun as you can after your tea tree bath when your pores are clean and well-opened. Don’t overdo it and get sunburned, though. 10 or 15 minutes in direct sunlight and without sunscreen will be plenty.

Step 3: Get Up and Grow Moisturizer of Your Own

We’re talking about that plant which contains the most Vitamin B, and that’s aloe vera. In the first two steps above, you’ve cleaned out your skin and cleared out many of your essential nutrients. You have to replace those nutrients if you want your skin to heal, and not scar. Aloe vera is rather like weeds, and it grows very easily. Peel back the aloe vera skin and have someone rub that aloe into the skin of your back. Wait and allow it to dry.

DON’T take a shower in the first three to five hours after you finish these steps. The vitamin D3 and vitamin B need lots of time to be absorbed fully into your skin. If you shower too soon, it will wash them away before they have had a good chance to enter your body system.

Other Treatment Options

Other treatment options include exfoliation, back facials, and help from a licensed dermatologist. While we recommend the tip above as your first option, you may still need additional help. Here’s what you need to know about the other three options:

Exfoliation—One of the main reasons you may be experiencing bacne is because of a build-up in the skin. Dirt and bacteria can get into your pores and get trapped beneath the service. You can exfoliate this build-up off your back with a loofah. You can also use an exfoliating stone or exfoliating mitt while you’re in the shower. The steam and physical friction will open up your pores and allow for the sebum to come out.

Back Facials—This is one great service that many spas provide. A back facial essentially treats the skin of the back just like a face for a normal facial. This usually includes pore steaming, cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and moisturizer. Regular back facials like this may get rid of your problem.

Dermatologist Help—If things are really bad or nothing else seems to work, visit your dermatologist. They may be able to provide a prescription-strength product. If not, they can troubleshoot why you’re experiencing bacne in the first place.

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Here is a Product That Will Make it Much Easier

We already talked about the fact that getting rid of acne on your back will require more attention than getting rid of acne on your face since there are more glands in your back that produce oil.

So, when you go to choose a product, you need to focus on finding one that is very powerful in clearing up unwanted oil.

One such product proves itself every time it’s tried. It’s Exposed Skin Care; you can read our review here on Pierre Michel Beauty. We recommend this product because they allow you to personalize their solution for acne. After you go through their process of evaluation, they’ll give you the products that will suit your needs the best. Be sure as you fill out the evaluation that you mention your acne is severe and needs a higher than normal ingredient concentration.

Right now, there is simply no product designed to work on acne of the back, but many people have had good results with Exposed Skin Care. If you can’t afford to purchase this product, stick with the steps we gave you above. They will be able to help to some degree, as well.

Now that you know how to get rid of back acne and what treatments/products you can use, we wish you the best of luck throughout this process. We understand that it can be frustrating at times when you don’t receive the fast results you want, however, if you’re consistent we guarantee you’ll see changes.

We’d know love to hear from you! What has worked for you and what hasn’t?

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