Best Forehead Wrinkle Cream: 7 Products That Will Erase Those Lines

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While wrinkles usually stay hidden away until a person is in their late 30s or 40s, forehead lines can pop up way before then – some people even start developing them in their 20s! It usually begins with light expression lines that bounce away each time your face relaxes. However, as time goes on, those creases stay put and start to deepen, leaving you looking so much older than your years.

Fortunately, with the right topical ingredients, not only can you prevent forehead wrinkles from appearing and worsening, but you can also diminish those existing wrinkles that have already etched themselves into your skin.

How do you find the right topical ingredients? That’s where we come in. Below, we’ve gathered together the 7 best wrinkle creams available on the market. Not only will they work wonders on your forehead wrinkles, but you can also dab them onto any other lines on your face that have started to emerge.

Editor's Choice#2nd Best Choice#3rd Best Choice
Editor's Choice
Best Forehead Wrinkle Cream: 7 Products That Will Erase Those Lines 1

LifeCell All-In-One Skin-Tightening Treatment

Rating: 5 Stars
#2nd Best Choice
Best Forehead Wrinkle Cream: 7 Products That Will Erase Those Lines 2

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

Rating: 5 Stars
#3rd Best Choice
Best Forehead Wrinkle Cream: 7 Products That Will Erase Those Lines 3

Formulyst Anti-Aging Cream

Rating: 4 Stars

Best Product for Fast Wrinkle Reduction Results & Improved Elasticity: LifeCell All-In-One Skin-Tightening Treatment

lifecell's best wrinkle cream

LifeCell is known for producing incredibly effective anti-aging products, and their All-in-One Skin-Tightening Treatment is no exception. This lightweight cream, which comes in a small tube, should be used twice a day on areas of concern.

Main Benefits

Most forehead wrinkle creams focus on boosting long-term collagen production since this is the protein that gives your skin its firmness and smoothness. This formula does that too, but it also offers up instant results, immediately reducing the visibility of wrinkles while lightening areas of discoloration.

Key Ingredients: DMAE, Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C

It’s always difficult to pick just a few ingredients to feature when talking about LifeCell products because each of their formulas usually contains a long list of beneficial compounds. DMAE is the frontrunner of this treatment, with this ingredient able to instantly smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

You’ll also find retinol in this formula, a must-have in any good anti-aging cream. This vitamin A derivative is one of the most revered ingredients out there for aging skin – not only does it stimulate collagen production, but it also resurfaces skin texture to leave you with a much smoother face.

This is joined by vitamin C for its brightening effects and hyaluronic acid for its skin plumping abilities, resulting in a multi-tasking product that effectively tackles skin aging.


  • Provides both instant and long-term anti-aging results
  • Can be used as a makeup base
  • Contains a long list of vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides


  • Pricier than its competitors (but 100% worth the money for its superior ingredients)


Best Formula to Use for Long-Lasting Hydration: Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

As you age, your skin begins to thin out, leaving it drier than it used to be. This then makes fine lines and wrinkles so much more prominent. The Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream has been designed to help with this. Boasting a rich and moisturizing texture, this cream needs to be used daily, morning and night, for results to be seen.

Main Benefits

If you have dehydrated or dry skin, this cream will seem like a godsend. Thanks to the Active HydraMesh Technology™ used by Dermalogica, this formula is able to provide hydration to the skin for 48 hours, something that most other creams can’t even come near to competing with. It coats the skin with a protective shield that not only prevents transepidermal water loss, therefore keeping the skin fully hydrated, but also guards skin cells against environmental damage.

Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid Complex, Vitamin C & Grape Seed Extract

Many of the best wrinkle creams out there contain hyaluronic acid, but this formula has crafted a special complex that combines the popular humectant with mallow, cucumber, and arnica, resulting in some serious long-term hydration.

It’s also infused with multiple antioxidants to protect the skin from the free radicals it faces on a daily basis. From vitamin C to grape seed extract to vitamin E, these are some of the most-loved antioxidants in the industry because of how they’ve been proven to reverse skin cell damage, which improves skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines.


  • Provides 48 hours of hydration for the skin
  • Contains powerful antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental damage
  • Suitable for sensitive skin – several reviews also state that it works wonders on eczema


  • Some people found that the product’s scent was quite unappealing. However, the upside to this is that the formula doesn’t contain any added fragrances that could irritate the skin


Best Product for Boosting Elastin & Collagen Production to Reduce Visible Signs of Aging: Formulyst Anti-Aging Cream

formulyst anti aging cream

As we mentioned above, collagen and elastin are two proteins that are vital for keeping your skin firm, smooth, and even. There are several day creams out there that contain ingredients that can boost collagen production, but if you really want to treat your aging skin, you’ll need to add a collagen-boosting night cream to your anti-aging skincare routine. Why? Because the majority of collagen production occurs overnight, this is when your skin cells need the most support. Luckily, the Formulyst Anti-Aging Cream will do just that.

Main Benefits

This cream is all about skin rejuvenation. It gives life to aging skin cells, while also encouraging the skin to produce newer cells at a faster rate, making it ideal for treating fine lines and sagging skin. It’s also a great one for moisturizing and hydrating the skin, so that you wake up to a plumper, softer, and fresher look.

Key Ingredients: Retinol, Squalane & Jojoba Oil

What sets this retinol cream apart from the others is that it contains encapsulated retinol. This means that instead of all of the formula’s retinol over-flooding your skin in one go, it’s released slowly over time, allowing your skin to gain maximum benefits from it.

Of course, retinol can be irritating to the skin, which is why this night cream is also packed with a number of moisturizing ingredients. From squalane and sodium hyaluronate to jojoba oil, safflower oil, and glycerin, these active ingredients are all ideal for fortifying the skin barrier while also smoothing wrinkles.


  • Deeply moisturizes the skin while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Doesn’t contain any irritants


  • It’s difficult to find any real customer reviews for this product, which is a bit concerning


Best Night Product for Forehead Fine Lines & Dark Spots: Olay Regenerist Retinol24 Night Face Moisturizer

Olay Regenerist Retinol24 Night Face Moisturizer

Fine lines are usually the first sign of aging to appear on the forehead, but these can often be accompanied by dark spots. This discoloration tends to be caused by sun damage, and unless you deal with them ASAP, they’ll only get worse. If you can relate, treat yourself to the Olay Regenerist Retinol24 Night Face Moisturizer, use it consistently for 28 days, and watch your skin visibly transform.

Main Benefits

We love this cream’s multi-tasking formula. It’s great for both fine lines and deeper wrinkles, but it also provides noticeable results when it comes to fading discoloration and brightening the skin tone. Even better, it’ll help to reduce pore appearance too, which is perfect for those of you with an oily t-zone.

Key Ingredients: Retinoid Complex & Niacinamide

This cream takes the benefits of retinol to a whole new level by incorporating a retinoid complex that enhances the effects of vitamin A. The multiple forms of the ingredient contained in this formula are great for smoothing fine lines. This is supported by niacinamide (vitamin B3), a must-have for fading discoloration and tightening the look of the pores.

In addition to being a fantastic deep wrinkle night cream, this formula is also a go-to for thirsty skin. It delivers hydration for 24 hours, meaning that your skin will continue to benefit even once you’ve woken up and started your day.


  • Good for hydrating the skin while also offering anti-aging benefits
  • Contains a retinoid complex that’s more effective than retinol on its own


  • Contains methylparaben, a controversial preservative that many prefer to stay away from


Best Drugstore Wrinkle Treatment for Women With Sensitive Skin: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

Neutrogena healthy skin anti wrinkle

Ordering specialized skincare online is always fun, but there’s no denying how convenient it can be to fall in love with a cosmetic product that can easily be found at drugstores. This is why so many flock to the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream – this product can be purchased pretty much everywhere, yet it’s just as good as many of the harder-to-find treatments out there.

Main Benefits

This product is quite the all-rounder. Not only will its anti-aging ingredients help to tackle wrinkle formation and firm up crepey skin, but it’ll also moisturize your skin, leaving it softer and smoother.

Key Ingredients: Retinol, Pro-Vitamin B5 & Vitamin E

This retinol cream places its focus on vitamins, which is exactly what aging skin needs. In addition to retinol (vitamin A), it also contains vitamins B5 and E. Together, these ingredients will provide vital support to your skin cells, allowing them to function to their full potential once again.


  • Oil-free formula that won’t clog pores, making it suitable for every skin type
  • Affordable yet proven effective at helping with fine lines, wrinkles, dark marks, and hydration


  • Contains parabens and BHT, both of which are controversial ingredients


Best Cream for Boosting Skin Barrier Function: CeraVe The Moisturizing Cream for Normal to Dry Skin

CeraVe The Moisturizing Cream for Normal to Dry Skin

If your skin always feels dry, then you may find that none of the creams that we’ve featured so far are able to quench your skin in the way that it needs. For this, we’d recommend the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. Developed for dry skin that just can’t seem to find relief from other products, this cream can be used as many times as needed throughout the day and night to keep your skin feeling soothed and happy.

Main Benefits

This cream has been designed to provide intense hydration, making it perfect for those of you with severely dry skin. If your skin’s barrier feels damaged or vulnerable in any way, this cream will help to restore it, bringing your skin back to optimum health. Thanks to its MVE technology [1], it continuously delivers hydration for 24 hours, which is exactly what thirsty skin needs.

Key Ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate & Ceramides

When it comes to boosting skin barrier function, ceramides are key, and this formula boasts three of them. They’re in encapsulated form, allowing them to be slowly released into your skin.

This cream also contains sodium hyaluronate, the salt form of hyaluronic acid. Its smaller molecular size enables it to penetrate deeper into the skin, bringing hydration to the skin cells that really need it.


  • Deeply hydrates the skin for 24 hours
  • Helps to make the skin barrier stronger and more resilient in the long term


  • Will likely be too rich and heavy for people with oily skin types


Best Skincare Cream for Treating Deep Wrinkles & Loss of Firmness: RoC Retinol Deep Wrinkle Cream

RoC Retinol Deep Wrinkle Cream

Sometimes, deep wrinkles need a little extra help. Over-the-counter retinol creams are great, but if your wrinkles have been around for a while, you may need something a little stronger. This is where the RoC Retinol Deep Wrinkle Cream really shines. Although it’s not a prescription product, it boasts a patented form of retinol that’s significantly more effective at treating the signs of aging than other OTC formulas.

Main Benefits

Although the RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream focuses on wrinkles, it’s also useful for resurfacing the texture of the skin and evening out skin tone. Use it regularly and you’ll notice that your complexion takes on a more radiant glow overall.

Key Ingredients: RoC® Retinol, Glycolic Acid, Vitamin C

In addition to the pure RoC® Retinol in this formula, you’ll also find glycolic acid. Revered to be the most powerful of the alpha hydroxy acids, this ingredient exfoliates dead skin cells to leave the skin looking lighter and more radiant. This is enhanced by vitamin C, an antioxidant with dramatic brightening capabilities.


  • Clinical studies show that results can be seen after four weeks, with deeper wrinkles diminishing after 12 weeks
  • Contains a patented, powerful form of retinol that you won’t find anywhere else


  • Contains parabens and BHT, both of which are controversial ingredients that many choose to avoid


What Else Can You Do to Get Rid of Frown Lines Between Eyebrows & Forehead Wrinkles?

Wrinkle creams are great, but if you really want to eradicate those lines, there are a few other things that you’ll need to do:

Invest in an Anti-Aging Serum

Serums are lighter than creams, which enables them to delve even deeper into your skin’s layers. Once you’ve chosen your favorite wrinkle cream from the list above, find a serum containing complementary ingredients to experience results even faster.

Commit to SPF

Since the sun is responsible for up to 80% of visible skin aging, it’s so important that you wear sunscreen at all times. A broad spectrum sunscreen is a must – not only for helping your wrinkle creams to work their magic on your creases but also for preventing new wrinkles from forming.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Do you smoke? Drink alcohol excessively? Lose out on hours of sleep each week? Eat an unhealthy diet? If your answers to any of those questions are yes, it’s time to make a change. Just a few small lifestyle tweaks can make a huge difference in slowing down how quickly your skin ages.

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Q: What is the best cream to get rid of forehead wrinkles?

You’ll find the best creams for forehead wrinkles featured on this page.

Q: How can I get rid of forehead wrinkles?

In addition to using a good wrinkle serum and cream, you should also be regularly exfoliating with an alpha hydroxy acid and following a healthy lifestyle.

Q: Does cream help forehead wrinkles?

Yes, all creams will help with forehead wrinkles because of how they hydrate the skin. Even if the formula that you’re using doesn’t contain any anti-aging ingredients, hydrated skin generally looks plumper and less wrinkled.

Q: How can I get rid of wrinkles on my forehead naturally?

Find a natural formula, one that contains botanically-derived active ingredients, to naturally reduce forehead wrinkles.

Q: How do I permanently get rid of deep forehead wrinkles?

Wrinkle creams are great for getting rid of deep forehead wrinkles, but you may want to look into cosmetic treatments if you’d like more permanent results.

Q: Can you get rid of deep forehead wrinkles?

Yes, it’s completely possible to get rid of deep forehead wrinkles.

Q: Which wrinkle repair product has the best reviews?

The wrinkle creams from LifeCell, Dermalogica, and CeraVe all have fantastic ratings and reviews.

Q: Which anti-aging skincare brand do dermatologists recommend?

Most dermatologists would happily support all of the anti-aging brands featured on this page.

Q: Do wrinkle creams have any side effects?

You may experience side effects from retinol-based wrinkle creams since this ingredient is very potent. However, these side effects will slowly diminish as your skin grows accustomed to the ingredient. This is why it’s important to gradually introduce a retinol cream into your skincare routine, rather than immediately using it daily.

Conclusion: What is the Best Wrinkle Cream on the Market?

There isn’t one single wrinkle cream that’s better than the rest. Each formula will work differently on each individual, which is why it’s important to identify your skin type and your specific skin concerns before starting your search for the best forehead wrinkle cream.

If fine lines are your issue, look for formulas with vitamins and botanicals. To tackle deeper wrinkles, you’ll need ingredients that bump up collagen production while resurfacing the skin. If dark spots have started peppering your forehead too, you’ll need a formula that also lightens and brightens, and ideally one that’s suited to your skin type.

That said, whatever your skin problems may be, we’re certain that you’ll find a product in the list above that will be able to give your skin exactly what it needs to look younger once again.



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