How to Remove Age Spots and Combat them the Easy Way

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Age spots are neither glamorous nor wanted. They’re something that some of us will get after a certain age (read as the big 4-0), and although they aren’t harmful, they can be frustrating to see appearing.

Sometimes it can seem like no matter what a woman does to help prevent the aging process; these age spots will still crop up. When we look at them in the mirror, we do not feel like the face we see reflected there is our own.

Sometimes, they’re known as liver spots. It does seem a little odd though as they’re not linked to the liver, but sun exposure instead. Just like many battles, our skin can face when being out in the sun; age spots are one of them.

This is why it is essential to be mindful of how much time you spend in the sun, and make sure you use sun protection – especially on your face – when going outside for prolonged exposure in the sun’s rays.

They tend to look brown or black and are likely to appear over the body on the parts that we expose to the sun the most. For some in warmer climates or those who like to holiday a lot, it could be across the body – but the most common of places are the hands and face – as they’re always out and exposed to light for most of us.

But, just because we get them, doesn’t mean that we have to suffer in silence and stick with them. Just like wrinkles or dark circles, there are solutions that we can try to minimize them.

Some are fun and effective, and others are more invasive, but they still have the same goal and trials will depend on what you feel most comfortable with.


First things First

Woman Without Age Spots

Just like many side effects of skin ailments, it is worth doing all you can to prevent things like age spots from forming in the first place. So, if you’re yet to get any or only have a few and would like to stop any more from developing if you can cover up!

Sun exposure is the primary cause of liver spots, so if you find yourself out in the sun a lot for work, wear a high SPF and reapply it frequently. If you enjoy spending time in the garden or even laying out, do the same. It’s essential to protect your skin to keep these nasty spots away.

Of course, there are days when you’ll want to go out to the beach or days when it’s so hot outside you want to wear as little clothing as possible. When these days come around, our best word of advice is to apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or greater. Massage it onto your face and body at least 15 minutes prior to stepping outside.

If you’re asking yourself how to remove age spots, this is the perfect place to begin. It’s also a good idea for health reasons too!

Getting Down to it

So, starting with the softer, home remedies, there are a few things you can try first to reduce the appearance and even out the skin tone. Many people like to use at home remedies like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, or even onion juice. Whichever you decide to use, be sure you’re being consistent. This is the only way that you’ll achieve the results you want.

Here are some other great ideas about how to remove age spots:


Perhaps the most common and widely recommended treatment, hydroquinone is an over the counter bleaching product. Dermatologists dub it safe and effective, despite it causing some irritation to the skin in some cases.

You’ll be able to find this at your local drug store as an over the counter medication. Usually, it will contain concentrations of 2% and lower. If you get this prescribed to you, you’re looking at concentrations of 4% or higher.

How quick will you notice results using hydroquinone? In most cases, you will see a change in your skin in as little as 2 weeks. If you’re wondering how to remove age spots, this is a good place to begin.

Hydroquinone can be found in many skin lightening creams as well. Read our guide to the best skin lightening cream and pick the right one for you.


This isn’t as scary as it first reads, but things like lemon juice are an excellent organic treatment. As lemons are very acidic, it can get to work on evening out the tone. Buttermilk does the same thing because it contains lactic acid, so it’s worth giving them a go. Alternatively, a honey and yogurt combination has also been used as a bleach for age spots at home too.


Woman with facial moisturizer

Evening out the skin tone can be so essential while working on reducing age spots. Using brightening moisturizers can help – especially those that contain vitamin C. At the same time, a vitamin C supplement or foods rich in it will also have the same effect.

Products with things like glycolic or salicylic acid in will also be a plus. They’re both natural exfoliants and will help to add some more radiance into the skin and shed the cells quicker – which we all know means new cells will form!


Most commonly known for its anti-aging properties, Retinol is also great for treating age spots. It works quickly to produce more cells and get rid of old ones, so it’s great for working on liver spots. It doesn’t have that bleaching quality like some treatments, but the exfoliant will help to get some fresh new layers of skin coming through in no time at all.

Just like other treatments, those that are a bit more invasive can seem more effective, but with such hype around all of the above (particularly with the first) it’s worth giving them a go and seeing how you get on before committing to something a little more drastic. Here’s are our best retinol creams.

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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can be great for combating some skin problems with acne and aging concerns being two of the most common alongside pigmentation and age spots. The peels work to remove the top layers of skin quickly to reveal newer and fresher skin underneath. It can take a few before the appearance looks better, but they work.


Working in a similar way to the chemical peels is dermabrasion. A rotating brush is used to buff off the outer layers of skin, just like in the chemical peel, so that newer skin can come through. It allows for a blemish-free finish – however, in both cases, irritation, redness and scabbing are side effects that are worth considering.

Laser Treatment

how to remove age spots

It is also possible to treat age spots with a laser procedure. Now this one is more commonly known as being expensive, but it’s useful all the same. It also isn’t going to change the appearance overnight and can take a few treatments before you notice a difference.

With any invasive treatment or surgery options, it’s critical to do your research before you decide. Finding out potential side effects, how the procedure works and of course, the associated costs should help you determine if any are right for you.

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Now that you know how to remove age spots, we encourage you to pick the solution that works best for you. We hope this guide has been beneficial in teaching you what causes age spots, ways to prevent them, and how to remove age spots. We’d love to hear your feedback down below on what has and hasn’t worked for you!

So, now that we present you with some effective ways, you’ll get somewhere with treating your age spots.

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