Hand Wrinkles Treatment: How to Prevent Wrinkles

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As you age, you will probably notice that you have some degree of hand wrinkles. Part of the reason for these wrinkles is aging, of course, but they can also come about from over-exposure to the sun and from improper nutrition. There are different ways to combat each source of hand wrinkles, and we’re here to help you navigate that.

Choosing an anti-aging cream gets more and more important the older you get. It’s always a good idea to implement an anti-aging routine while skin is still young, but it becomes more pressing as you age.

You may not notice wrinkles on your hands as much as you do those on your face, but they can still be distracting or embarrassing. You might want to get rid of these wrinkles so that you can hold your sweetheart’s hand or just go about daily living without worrying about the wrinkles.

Even though wrinkles on the hand are mainly associated with aging, you can still help to smooth up the skin on your hands. Here are some critical aspects to moisturization and wrinkle-free hands.

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What Causes Hand Wrinkles?

The main cause of hand wrinkles is age. As we get older, our skin does too. It’s a part of life.

While there’s very little we can do about aging, we can prevent our hands from looking older. Let’s get down to the specifics about hand wrinkles and what causes them.

  • Dehydration. You wash your hands several times a day. However, washing them too much can lead to looser, less elastic skin. Too much water will also dehydrate your hands, causing you to wrinkle more easily.
  • Sun damage. You hear it all the time – always wear sunscreen before stepping outside. This is because too much UV exposure will cause your collagen and elastin fibers to break down, leaving your skin with little support.
  • Smoking. Did you know that long term smoking accelerates aging in hands? This is because smoking decreases overall blood flow. The less blood you have flowing to your hands, the more wrinkled they’ll appear.

No matter what causes your hand wrinkles, there are remedies for you to take advantage of, which we’ll get to next.

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What’s A Good Hand Cream?

First, you should always keep your hands properly moisturized. Wrinkled skin is not hydrated enough, but you can use a hand cream with moisturizers in it to help get rid of the wrinkles. This will plump up the skin and reduce the deepness and visibility of wrinkles.

The best cream for hand wrinkles will probably include antioxidants to help in fighting the free radicals that are trying to damage your skin. Look for creams that contain vitamins E, C, and A, or green tea to help.

Functional keratin will strengthen the tissues found beneath the skin, and it is an aid in increasing elastin and collagen production. Natural sea kelp will keep your skin levels of hyaluronic acid at a proper level. This will help in attracting moisture to the collagen and elastin in the skin so that wrinkles don’t have a chance to form or continue.

Once you’ve found the right cream for your hands, it’s time to get a routine in place to make sure you’re consistent with the application. A dedicated hand care routine will prove to reduce the appearance of fine lines and aged skin, so this step is crucial.

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You’ll want to apply cream for wrinkles on the hand in the morning when you get up, and then again before you go to bed at night. Sometimes that’s not enough, however. If your hands get wet doing dishes or laundry, you can apply the cream as often as needed. You can even wear gloves after you put on the cream so that it can be more fully absorbed by your skin. When you feel your hands begin to dry out again, that’s a sign that it’s time for another application.

Lifestyle Habits for Wrinkle-Free Hands

Water is vital to your health and that of your skin, as well. It will keep your body hydrated, and keep your skin smoother and more young-looking.

Many diet researchers recommend drinking a lot of water, so it will help more than simply your skin. Go ahead and aim to drink one gallon of water each day. While this might seem like a lot at first, once your body is used to a higher water intake it will adjust. Along with that adjustment, you’ll also notice a suppleness in the entirety of your skin. That’s from the increased hydration your body has grown used to.

Since improper nutrition is a cause of hand wrinkles, eat properly. It will help so much more than simply your skin. Healthy eating will help to get rid of wrinkles if you use direct methods like lotions as well, and eating right will help to keep the wrinkles from recurring.

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Avoid junk food if you want to have healthy skin and a healthy body. Meals that are ready to eat usually contain too many preservatives to be healthy for you. That doesn’t mean buying from the grocery store ensures healthy food, however. When shopping, try to stick to the outer walls of the store. These areas will have fresh, healthy food like produce, dairy, meats, and fresh bread. The aisles in the middle have more processed food, and you should try to avoid those as much as possible.

The chemicals and artificial ingredients can damage your organs, of which skin is the largest. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, and fish, to maintain high levels of antioxidants. Be sure to include healthy fiber in your diet, since it helps to remove wastes and toxins. Fiber does have some anti-aging properties of its own, as well. Read more about anti-aging foods and what to eat.

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Is Sun Protection Important?

One of the biggest enemies of smooth hands is the penetrating sun. The UV rays emitted from the sun penetrate through our skin and damage the cells. This results in sun spots, wrinkles, dried skin, thin texture, and more. While you may not think so, always try to apply your sunscreen to your hands as well. You may even be able to find a hand cream that includes SPF for hydration and protection combined into one product.

Proper Care

Take proper care of your skin. Your hands should be kept clean and exfoliated to encourage new cell growth. Wash your hands when they get dirty or dry, but not too much, since this may dry them out. If you’re in a position that requires constant hand washing such as a nursing job, you can find especially thick lotions that will help combat the dry-out.

You’ll also want to exfoliate your skin every few days to a week. This helps in removing old, dead skin cells so that healthy new cells can grow. When you go outside, wear gloves to protect your hands from the harmful rays of the sun. This will help in preventing some hand wrinkles before they start.

Easy Home Remedies to Try

You may be surprised to know that there are simple at-home recipes for your hands that can treat wrinkles. Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • Lemon Juice and Sugar Scrub. All you need for this scrub is lemon juice and sugar. The lemon works to remove dark spots and dirt from the skin. The sugar granules exfoliate, getting rid of dead skin cells and leaving skin nice and smooth.
  • Milk. Yes, you heard right! Milk is a great form of conditioning for your hands. It helps return moisture to your skin. We recommend you soak your hands in milk for about 15 minutes after using a natural scrub like the one mentioned above.
  • Banana and Pineapple Pulp. Both fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, making them perfect for fighting those fine lines and wrinkles. To use, you just need to apply a crushed banana or pineapple to your hands for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Olive Oil. Another great food you probably already have at home is olive oil. To use, massage the oil into your hands and wear gloves over them overnight. After you rinse the oil out of your hands in the morning, you’ll notice they are softer and more flexible.
  • Aloe Vera. This one may not come as too much as a surprise to you. This plant has many healing properties. It is considered an elasticity agent that can drastically lessen the appearance of wrinkles. To use, apply the extracted gel from a plant and rub into your hands. Leave it for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.
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Aside from these at home remedies, you also need to be sure you’re protecting your hands from the sun as we mentioned earlier. There are several hand creams you can invest in that are good for wrinkles and contain SPF protection.

Moreover, be sure you’re getting proper sleep and relaxation at home. You’ll be surprised to know that getting enough sleep every night allows your body and skin to heal properly.


It’s never too early to start caring for your hands. If you don’t have wrinkles and want to prevent them, be sure to follow the tips above. If you’re trying to decrease the appearance of your fine lines, we encourage you to try out a hand cream designed for aging as well as keeping up with the remedies we mentioned earlier.

We wish you the best of luck and would like to hear what you’ve tried and how it’s worked for you!

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