Choosing the Best Face Moisturizer for Your Skin is as Easy as 1-2-3

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There are many options when it comes down to choosing the best skin care products for your skin. After browsing through the endless option’s, they all seem to blend together. However, choosing the best moisturizer for your skin is super easy!

To prevent skin as dry as the Sahara, you must nourish and enrich your skin with natural ingredients that support youthful texture, and younger looking skin. The desert is a great place to look at what not to do to your skin unless you like deep ridges, lines, and a sandpaper feel. To keep your skin fresh, healthy, and alive, you must use the best face moisturizer for your skin.  Let’s take a look at how to choose the right one to prevent skin as dry as the desert.

Let’s start by accepting that the dewy, fresh, wrinkle and blemish-free skin we had as a child, is gone. Aging is tough on our skin; our skin is constantly transforming – either for the better or the worse. Our goal is to guide the changes by using the best skin care routines to prevent pre-maturing aging and the development of fine lines and wrinkles.


There are a variety of factors that contribute to skin type and condition.

The climate of where you live

  • If you live in a dry, arid climate, you probably need the best moisturizer for dry skin to help keep skin soft and supple.
  • If you live in a humid climate, you may find yourself with oily patches, or combination skin. The best moisturizer for oily skin won’t clog your pores or leave pools of oily residue on the surface of your skin.
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Pollution levels

Areas with high levels of pollution are a concern when it comes to your skin. Proper cleansing to remove the day’s grime is vital. However, if you are using a cleanser that is too harsh you may be stripping your skin of key nutrients. A natural facial cleanser used twice a day can prevent irritation and clogged pores caused by environmental factors.

Outdoor activities

If you spend a lot of time outdoors gardening, exercising, or exploring, the sun and the wind will take a toll on your skin. For the best face moisturizer to do its best work, it is vital that you slough off dry skin regularly with an effective microdermabrasion scrub made from natural ingredients.

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Adolescents often fight with oily, acne-ridden skin that is driven by hormone production. Through the years our skin will undergo many hormonal shifts because of pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause, and we should expect, and react to the changes.

Skincare Routine

Do you have a skin care routine? Is it effective? Do you stick with it? Are there any scary ingredients hiding in the products you use? So often we see both men and women that have become trapped in a skin care routine that is not effective. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, it is time to switch up your routine. Be sure to use products with natural ingredients and of course, use sunscreen every day.

Along with using all the right products, it’s also important to use skin care products in the right order. Sequence matters so much more than you may think! Applying in the correct order makes sure your skin receives the full benefits of each product.

Apply your skin care products in the following order:

exfoliants skin
  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner
  3. Antioxidant Serum
  4. Eye Cream
  5. Spot Treatment
  6. Moisturizer
  7. Sunscreen

These are all key items in any skincare set. Using consistently every day will deliver beautiful, healthy skin. For the best results, use in this order.


In addition to skin care ruts, we often fall into makeup ruts. Since most of us wear makeup 14-18 hours a day, we must make sure that the products we use are made from natural ingredients.

Not only this but make sure makeup is being removed every night before going to bed. Removing your makeup only takes a few seconds. Leaving makeup on can cause serious damage overnight clogging pores and paving way for acne.

So next time when you feel too tired to get your makeup off, think about this!

Diet & hydration levels

Our skin’s health and appearance is a reflection of the foods we eat, and the amount of water we drink; there is just no getting around it. Give your skin a boost by incorporating five servings of fresh, brightly colored fruits and vegetables, each day and drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day.

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Step 1: Determine Your Skin Type

Wash your face with a mild facial cleanser, and pat dry. When you look closely in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see dry patches or flaking? Oily patches? Now, feel your skin. Is your skin type uniform, or are there areas of dryness and more oily areas?

Combination Skin

Combination Skin is prevalent and while it may seem daunting to find a skin care line that is equally as effective on oily patches as it is on dry patches, it is possible. People who have combination skin may have oily areas in what is called the T-zone, which includes the chin, nose, and forehead. But the skin elsewhere on your face may be dry. If you have combination skin, you’ll want to treat the oily and dry areas independently. You may find that the best face cream for your dry areas is a highly moisturizing formula, while your oily areas need toner.

Normal Skin

The best face cream for normal skin is different than one formulated for oily or dry skin. Normal skin is usually fairly soft, and it generally has smaller pores. If you have normal skin, you can choose from a wider variety of creams, as long as they help you to clean, tone and moisturize your face.

Oily Skin

Oily skin looks wonderful right after it is cleansed, but then the skin will get oily. Your pores may be more visible than someone with dry skin, and you’ll want to choose a water-based cream for your face, and clean it twice a day.

Dry Skin

Dry skin shows more wrinkles and fine lines, especially around the mouth and eyes. If you have dry skin, your skin may become dehydrated easily, and feel tight. To select the best face cream for your skin type, choose one that is moisturizing and nourishing, to help get rid of dry skin and wrinkles.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin often means a complexion that is delicate and soft, and sometimes the capillaries are visible. If you have sensitive skin, it will be more likely to become irritated. Use skin products that have hypoallergenic formulas and natural ingredients. Test any new formula on another area of your skin other than your face, to make sure it’s safe to be used on the face.

The key thing is to find a product line formulated from natural ingredients that work to balance the skin, improve texture, and have anti-aging characteristics. While it may be tempting to choose products from a variety of brands and manufacturers, remember that many of the natural skin care lines work hard to formulate a line of products that work well together.

Step 2: Study Reviews

These 4 best facial moisturizing creams and lotions all have fans. It is important to balance the information in the reviews of other vital pieces of information including:

  • The quality of ingredients and whether the product is crafted from natural ingredients or chemicals.
  • Where is the moisturizer is made?
  • Is there a money-back guaranteed?
  • Are there complimentary products within the line?
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Step 3: Read Ingredient Lists

Once you’ve determined your skin type and budget and started to review the best natural face moisturizers, read the ingredient list. The first warning sign when reading a label is that if you cannot pronounce an ingredient, or don’t know what it is or where it comes from, move on to the next product.

The best skin care products have ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, Vitamins A, C, and E, tea tree oil, and other organic and natural ingredients you wouldn’t be afraid to consume. If you are looking for a boost in fighting the signs of aging, be sure to select a moisturizer with at least 2.5% retinol, widely accepted as the best age-defying ingredient on the market today.

It is important to acknowledge the changes that happen in your skin, over time, and as much as we would all love for our Fairy Godmother to come and wipe every blemish, fine line, and wrinkle off our face with one swoop of her wand, the truth is proper skin care requires the right products, the right routine, and staying hydrated.

What To Avoid When Choosing A Skin Moisturizer

There are a few things you want to avoid when choosing the best face moisturizer for your skin. This includes certain ingredients. Many times, more isn’t always better. This is one of those cases.

Here is a quick list of what you should avoid in a face moisturizer:

  • Perfumes and Colors. Most dermatologists and beauty experts would recommend you stay away from added colors and perfumes. Your skin type doesn’t really matter – moisturizing your skin can be done without these excessive and potentially irritating ingredients.
  • Common Body Ingredients. Just because you use something on your body, doesn’t mean it will be good for your face. The best ones shouldn’t have ingredients like shea butter, lanolin, or waxes as they can clog pores and cause the skin to breakout. Your face is much more sensitive than your body meaning you need to use different ingredients than those found in body creams or lotions.
  • Acids. Avoid using too many acids if you have dry or sensitive skin. These include salicylic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids, and glycolic acids.

While these ingredients can be tempting to try, your skin can do so without them.

Conclusion: Should You Really Start Moisturizing Daily?

Dry, flaky, or itchy skin is no fun, which is why you should invest in the best face moisturizer for your skin. Everyone’s skin is different, however, moisturizing is a critical process in everyone’s skin care routine!

The selection process does not have to be so complicated. Simply keep in mind your skin type, the ingredients used, and be sure to always read labels. Following these simple steps will help you narrow down the selection to the perfect moisturizer for your skin.

We hope this guide has given you a better understanding of how to make an informed decision when it comes down to your skin.

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