Averr Aglow Review: Can These Natural Skincare Products Treat Acne?

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Acne is a tricky skin condition to deal with. There may be hundreds of pimple-fighting products already out there, but the majority of those with oily skin still spend many months, if not years, battling their breakouts.

Why do so many acne products fail to work? It’s usually because they focus on just one or two aspects of treating pimples. For example, you may diligently keep your pores clear and regularly use ingredients to destroy bad bacteria, but that bacteria will return. Unless you’re also encouraging good bacteria and strengthening/supporting your skin in the right way, you’ll never be able to clear your breakouts for good.

Sadly, this is something that many brands fail to address, which is why Averr Aglow, and all of the positive reviews that they’ve been receiving, caught our attention. Their multi-pronged approach to treating acne really intrigued us – could this possibly be the skincare line that all of us with oily skin have been waiting for? We put this review together to find out more…

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Who is Averr Aglow?

averr aglow products

Averr Aglow is a brand that creates skincare products for oily and combination skin. It was founded by Camille Chulick, a woman who spent 16 years battling breakouts.

Not only did all of the acne skincare products available completely fail to treat the issue, but many of them actually made her acne worse. So, Camille set about researching acne in-depth. With the help of multiple doctors and dermatologists, she gained a new understanding of the condition, and started to create her own skincare products to treat her skin.

Others couldn’t believe the results, and it wasn’t long before they wanted to share in the secret, resulting in the creation of Averr Aglow. Unlike the other acne products out there, these promise to do so much more. In addition to destroying bad bacteria and clearing away dead skin cells, they also provide optimum conditions for good bacteria to thrive, while rebalancing natural sebum production. This is exactly what you need to keep those pimples away.

The Most Popular Averr Aglow Products

Although acne is the brand’s focus, Averr Aglow also produces a range of anti-aging products. They can either be purchased individually, or you can save yourself some money and purchase them as a kit.

The Luminous Clear Skin Kit

With a promise to treat blackheads, blemishes, and spots, even if no other product has worked for you before, the Averr Aglow Luminous Clear Skin Kit consists of five acne-fighting products. While individual products can be added to your existing skincare routine, the brand recommends using the Luminous Kit as a complete routine for best results.


Clarifying Hydration Dew

Clarifying Hydration Dew

The Luminous Clear Skin routine starts with the Clarifying Hydration Dew. Simply give it a shake and spritz your face 8-10 times.

This mist formula is designed to prep the skin to absorb maximum nutrients. It contains a blend of all-natural ingredients, with rosewater to rebalance the skin, soothe inflammation, and provide antioxidants, along with cucumber extract for its vitamins, minerals, and pore unclogging qualities. Saw palmetto extract is another important inclusion, with this botanical proven to reduce the amount of sebum that the skin naturally produces [1].

What Do the Reviews Say?

Reviews show that most tend to use this product in combination with the rest of the kit, rather than on its own, and have experienced great results.


Radiant Cleansing Nectar

Radiant Cleansing Nectar

Now that your skin has been perfectly prepped, you can apply the Radiant Cleansing Nectar. This formula is oil-based, which is exactly what you want when dealing with excess sebum. As you know, oil repels water, so using a water-based cleanser on oily skin isn’t going to have much of an impact.

Some may worry when they see so many oils on the ingredient list of a product for oily skin. However, the oils used in this formula are all non-comedogenic. Not only that, but some, such as jojoba, closely mimic the skin’s own sebum. This tricks the skin into thinking that it has already produced enough sebum, triggering it to slow down its overall sebum production.

Interestingly, this is a no-rinse cleanser. Simply apply some to a cotton pad and buff this onto your skin.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Any concerns that we had about this no-rinse cleanser’s ability to actually cleanse were eased after we saw all the positive things that customers had to say about it. Unlike traditional cleansers that often leave the skin feeling overly dry, which then stimulates the skin into producing even more sebum, this one leaves the skin with a soft and radiant glow.


Luminous Complexion Toner

Luminous Complexion Toner

Although the Averr Aglow cleanser doesn’t disrupt the skin’s natural pH level (which is disastrous for those with acne), a toner is still a useful way to deliver some extra nutrients to the skin. This is especially true if you opt for a toner that’s brimming with antioxidants, which is what this botanical blend offers.

There are more than 15 natural extracts in this toner. Some, such as witch hazel and rosemary, are to be expected. They’re in just about every toner out there thanks to their astringent properties. However, there are also several ingredients in this formula that you’d struggle to find elsewhere. Kakadu plum extract, which has both anti-aging and anti-acne properties, is one, as is comfrey for its pore-tightening abilities and kaolin to detoxify. There are also probiotics in this toner, making it perfect for encouraging the growth of good bacteria on the skin.

What Do the Reviews Say?

There isn’t a negative review to be found about this toner, both on the company website as well as on third-party review sites. In fact, customers were exceptionally positive. Several people wrote that it was the game-changer of the entire skin care kit.


Clear Skin Elixir

Clear Skin Elixir

Packed with ingredients that repair and strengthen the skin, the Clear Skin Elixir is an overnight mask that targets pimples, scars, and dark spots. Compared to other masks, this one is very lightweight. Apply one or two pumps to your face and give it ten minutes to dry before heading to bed.

The key ingredients in this formula look very promising. Let’s start with French pink clay, an ingredient known for its ability to pull out skin impurities while refining the pores. Next up, we have raspberry seed oil, which not only helps with inflammation, but also with firmness and elasticity. Moving on, there’s sustainably harvested sea fossilized coral, which contains more than 73 skin-loving minerals.

What Do the Reviews Say?

This mask has been all over social media lately. Reviews are all positive – many believe that this mask has played a key role in the success that they’ve had in clearing up their complexion. The only negative aspect that a couple of people wrote about was the pump dispenser becoming clogged, but the majority didn’t experience this issue.


Flawless Nourishment Cream

Flawless Nourishment Cream

Designed for use in the daytime, after cleansing and toning, the Flawless Nourishment Cream is packed with moisturizing plant butters and oils. You’ll find rosehip oil on the ingredient list, which reduces inflammation and prevents excess sebum production, as well as shea butter and avocado oil for their hydrating properties and skin-soothing antioxidants.

What Do the Reviews Say?

You’re probably thinking that all of those oils make this cream sound a little greasy. You’d be correct – it’s definitely on the thicker side. Reviews on the company website are honest – many found that the cream didn’t easily absorb into their face at first, and made their oiliness feel worse. However, after sticking with it, they soon adapted to the slightly heavier sensation. More importantly, their acne itself didn’t actually get any worse. In fact, regular use helped to fade stubborn spots, leading some to start using it overnight too.

While reviews show that a few struggled with this cream at first, many others experienced instant success. They write about how the cream hydrated their face in a way that gave them a clear and even glow. It also works well under makeup, and is a convenient size for carrying around if you live a busy life.


Perfectionist Overnight Serum

Perfectionist Overnight Serum

One thing that’s missing from the kit we reviewed above is a serum. Serums are powerful products, making it worth including one in your skincare routine. Unlike the other Averr Aglow products in our review so far, this one isn’t geared towards acne. Instead, it focuses on brightening and tightening the complexion.

Its brightening effects come from acai, prickly pear, and moringa, while its tightening abilities are thanks to passionfruit, sea buckthorn, and hemp seed. This formula contains nothing but botanicals, making its ingredient list an impressive one to read.

What Do the Reviews Say?

By now, it’s clear that just about every review on the company website is honest, which is a refreshing change. Customers wrote about how this serum gave them an instant glow, along with the hope that their acne marks might finally clear. Fine lines were improved significantly, which isn’t surprising considering the powerful formula.


Do Averr Aglow Products Have Any Side Effects?

Since Averr Aglow products are naturally derived, side effects are rare. However, several reviews do report purging.

This is a process that takes place when the skin is suddenly exposed to a high concentration of active ingredients. Purging causes all of those impurities and blemishes in-the-making from deep within your skin to rise to the surface. In the short run, this could make your spots worse. However, reviews show that persevering through the bad times is worth it in the end – your skin should clear up in a couple of weeks and look better than ever!

How Much Does Averr Aglow Skin Care Cost?

Averr Aglow products are priced mid-range. Prices start at $29 for the Clarifying Hydration Dew, but soar up to $150-$300 for the kits and larger bundles.



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Does Averr Aglow actually work?

Yes, honest reviews show that the skincare formulas from the Averr Aglow line really do work.

How fast does Averr Aglow work?

This depends – some notice an improvement in their skin after using the skincare line for just a week. However, others find that it can take up to two months for their skin to clear.

Does Averr Aglow make you break out?

The products from Averr Aglow could make you break out more frequently to begin with. However, don’t panic if your skin looks to be getting worse – things will improve in a couple of weeks.

What does Averr Aglow smell like?

The skincare products from Averr Aglow generally have quite a sweet, floral scent. This smell is completely natural – none of the products in this skin care line contain artificial fragrances.

Are Averr Aglow Skincare Products Worth Buying?

It’s hard to find a truly negative review of the brand out there. Few people have anything bad to say about these products, and everyone that purchases them seems to end up a life-long fan.

In terms of price, some of the products may seem a little expensive at first. However, each container holds at least two month’s worth of applications, making them good value for money in the end. If you’ve been struggling with pimples, or even just the marks that your teenage pimples have left behind, Averr Aglow is a brand that’s definitely worth trying.


[1] https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/17524128/

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